Project Tag: #Vanity

  • B Edited N° III

    B Edited N° III

    Call me german trash, dressed to kill and with a message: climate change, social gap and the rising far rights! Can we stop this war in the minds of the others?

  • #DAMUR Huang – Taipeh Fashion Revolution

    #DAMUR Huang – Taipeh Fashion Revolution

    Fashion during the pandemic happend purely digitally on screens, but Huang Damur brought Berlin fashion back onto the streets of Tapeh. Viva la Revolution!

  • B Edited N° II

    B Edited N° II

    One city, many types. We’ve selected signature style moments and recreated the air of Tempelhof, a district with plenty hidden gems.

  • B Edited N° I

    B Edited N° I

    Love or happiness makes us blind sometimes. Especially if we’re young and filled with self confidence. Those situations make us really comfortable; at the same time they narrowing our outlook–we become lazy and careless.