The Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

The Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

New, exciting artists under one roof: the Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery presents their latest hidden gems in cooperation with museums from all over the globe.


The Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery is delighted to share some exciting news about their artists worldwide. The artworks will be displayed in several exhibitions all over the globe. Including artists such as Sverre Malling at the British Museum, Maha Ahmed at the Leighton House Museum, Kimathi Mafafo at the Wereld Museum in Rotterdam, Wawi Navarroza and many others the exhibited pieces will be open for the public due the entire year of 2023.

Sverre Malling

Portrait of Austin Osman Spare (1886 – 1956) and Englands Rose/ Hourglass for Diana acquired by the British Museum

Left: Portrait of Austin Osman Spare, he wears a suit and morning robe. His eyes are staring at the viewer, with wild hair and trimmed beard. right side: his abstract natural drawing ob phantasmic and  natural elements, as well as religious symbols such as a temple, angels, apes, a peacock, butterflies, roses and a swallow. In the middle is a mystic creature leaning over a woman's body.
Portrait of Austin Osman Spare (1886 – 1956), 2020 | Charcoal and pencil on paper | 65 x 50 cm / 25 5/8 x 19 3/4 in
& Englands Rose/ Hourglass for Diana, 2020 | Charcoal/ gray-scale colourpencil on paper 76 x 57 cm / 29 7/8 x 22 1/2 in

The British Museum was founded in 1753 and opened its doors in 1759. It was the first national museum to cover all fields of human knowledge, open to visitors from across the world.The Museum is driven by an insatiable curiosity for the world, a deep belief in objects as reliable witnesses and documents of human history, sound research, as well as the desire to expand and share knowledge.

Visit the Museum’s website here

Maha Ahmed

Solo Exhibition, October 2023
Leighton House Museum

In October 2023 Maha Ahmed will have a solo exhibition at the Leighton House Museum. Leighton House is the former home and studio of the leading Victorian artist Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896). The museum has been open to the public since 1929.

Visit the museums website here
A small oasis in the middle of a vast canvas in light pink. The trees are kept in blues and greens. A Bird is sitting on a rock, the others fly around the scene.
Maha Ahmed | Stories in a web, 2022 | Gouache on coffee stained paper | 42 x 30 cm / 16 1/2 x 11 3/4 in

Kimathi Mafafo

Talking Threads Ode to the Maker: Embroidery
7 June – 22 October 2023 at the Wereld Museum, Rotterdam

Talking Threads Ode to the Maker: Embroidery exhibition celebrates the artists and their process of creation while offering a new way of understanding history and the art of embroidery.

Visit the Museum’s website here
A PoC man on the bottom of a large scaled wall hanging with bright and colorful patterns elements. He's holding his arm in the air and wars a long, almost greek looking robe.
Kimathi Mafafo | Queenship, 2021 | Machine and Hand Stitched on Fabric, 120 x 130 cm / 47 12/50 x 51 9/50 inches

Wawi Navarroza

Nominated for Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2023

The LOBA, which is now in its 43rd edition, has long been counted among the most prestigious and highly endowed photo prizes in the world.

Visit the award’s website here
In the middle of a eclectic and brightly textured scene: A young mixed woman with long hair and bold textured, African looking robe and gloves holding a blue ribbon.

Zemba Luzamba

„If You Look Hard Enough, You Can See Our Future“ —Selections of Contemporary South African Art from the Nando’s Art Collection, April 2023 at the African American Museum, Dallas, USA

If You Look Hard Enough, You Can See Our Future is the eagerly anticipated contemporary art exhibition making its debut at the African American Museum in Dallas in April 2023. Organized by Dallas-based curator Laurie Ann Farrell along with support from The Spier Arts Trust in South Africa, this exhibition highlights more than 50 artists and 68 artworks selected from the Nando’s Art Collection in South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

While individual works have been exhibited globally, this is the first time audiences in the United States will have the opportunity to experience a curated exhibition of masterworks from the Nando’s Art Collection. (Header Image)

Visit the collection’s website here.

Rufai Zakari

Solo Exhibition, April 2023 at the Centro de las Artes de San Luis Potosí, Mexico

The Center for the Arts of San Luis Potosí is part of the National Network of Centers for the Arts, dedicated to the education, production and dissemination of the arts. Its main purpose is to strengthen, expand and update the educational field through comprehensive models, with special emphasis on current artistic manifestations.

Visit the museum’s website here.
On a wall hanging: Two kids from the BiPoC community in boldly colored clothes playing. One kid wears the signature of the artist on her arm.

Alexandra Searle Has joined the Gallery Family!

Alexandra Searle (born 1992) is a London-based sculptor. After studying Fine Art at Newcastle University graduating in 2015, she went on to complete an MFA in Fine Art Sculpture from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2019 where she was awarded the Nancy Balfour Scholarship and the Henriques Scholarship Prize.

Drawing on references to the medical and the mental from her own experiences with anxiety and hypochondria, Searle manipulates and exploits the behaviour of materials in order to physically depict moments of stress, tension and expectation. In 2023 Alexandra Searle received the Gibert Bayes Award by the Royal Society of of Sculptors while in 2022, she was finalist in the ACS Studio Prize as well as the Ingram Prize.

Portrait of Alexandra Searle: a young and fierce woman looking into the lense of the camera. Her hair is tied back and her blue-grey eyes are wide open, she seemingly smiles. Searle sits on a chair in her atelier.
Portrait of Alexandra Searle


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