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#digests: The Finest for The Fitting

#edited: Diverse, Controversy & Bold

#dirtydiary: If sex sells, i’m transcending…

  • In different Spheres…

    Eisessen mit Judes, die Ausstellung „Spheres of Interest*“ in der IfA Galerie und ein Besuch im Humboldt Forum. Kurz um, ein Nachmittag in höheren Sphären.

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  • The Queen got dicked down

    Nach einer über sechsmonatigen monogamen Phase, passierte es dann doch am Wochenende, jedoch nicht ohne mysteriöse Lücken zu hinterlassen.

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  • DirtyDiary: Gravity #1

    Zugegeben, ich war ja länger nicht mehr unter “sooo” vielen Leuten, aber ich werde schließlich nur einmal 30. The “Big” 30th Birthday Party – In a nutshell.

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#more: you do fancy fashion, hmm?

  • From Pawel With Love

    Fashion Freezing Week in Berlin is over, so we’re about to get back in the game and plan the next winter season according to our editorial schedule. Just joking, but I collected a few images by Pawel Szvmaski to inspire you, while we’re having a Martini. Enjoy our this weeks featured artist from unsplash.com and […]

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  • The slightest hint of Chanel No 5

    …sparks into my mind and I become immediately obsessed by the aesthetics and incredibly nuanced images of Shanghai based fashion photographer Igor Rand.

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  • The ART of Daily Inspiration

    A Visual Journey with Artist Wei Ding

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#mfbwb: Or what has been left to say.

#Salon: In Case you’ve Missed it? Here’s more from the cosmic library.