#ECLECTIC – Fashion & Design

#ECLECTIC – Fashion & Design

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When I started modeling, they tried to pay black models less than they paid Caucasian models. I turned down those jobs because I knew what I was worth.



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  • The AER of Berlin

    The AER of Berlin

    We met the creative minds behind the avant-garde brand and talked about youth culture, personal memories and the future of niche scents.

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  • BE The Change – Malimo Fashion

    BE The Change – Malimo Fashion

    Isabell Winter and Johannes Pautzke, the Visionäres behind MALIMO, talked about their idea of making fashion sustainable and sourced through up-cycling.

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  • Feels French

    Feels French

    Second day of the Berlin fashion week and it’s already halftime of the game. Today: Sportalm. With a hint of #frenchflavour and german practicality, we simply love the bold colours this weirdly cold Wednesday morning. Must be the moon, everyone seems iced out. But don’t worry, we managed to get a few sunny vibes for […]

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