#contributors: B’s Who’s Who.

Behind the Curtains: This crowd makes our work truly outstanding. Find here all the makers, brands and other significant names within the B’SPOQUE Universe

Since 2016, the success of B’SPOQUE has become a manifest to the collective efforts of these incredible individuals and organizations. Their tireless support and commitment to the arts have made the Vision B’SPOQUE not just an artwork but a cultural phenomenon. As B’SPOQUE continues to evolve and inspire, let us all come together to celebrate and support the power of art in our lives. Thank you to each and every one of you:

Image of a young BiPoC woman with a colorful make-up and double exposure effect.
Art by Elise Wilcox

Artists, authors & Authorities

First and foremost, a big shout-out to the artists themselves – the creative minds behind B’SPOQUE. Their talent, vision, and dedication have brought this project to life and continue to push boundaries within the art world. Their unique perspectives and artistic expression are what make B’SPOQUE so captivating.

Ananyaa Sathyanarayana, Anna Diekhans, Anna Ratcliff, Corinna Wolfien, DalliDalli Art, Gökmen Akirmak, La Cocotte Berlin, Leonie Pfennig, The Torn Seamless and many more.

Anne Bé Talirz, Annie Spratt, Adam Jicha, Bea Rodriguez, Database Resource, Elisabeth Strelnyk, Elise Wilcox, Frederik Solli Wandem, Igor Rand, Omir Armin, Jan Oliver Schwarz, Jeffrey Keenan, JR Korpa, Les Anderson, Pascal B, Paulina Milde Jachowska, Pawel Szvmanski, Renée Kellner, Reijer Stolk, Serhii Tyaglovsky, Simon Lee, Tokio Okada, Wei Ding and many more.

A landscape of mountains through a diamond shaped lens.
Art by Frederik Solli Wandem

Social Heroes:

A warm „Thank you“ to all the following humans, institutions, organizations, and especially to the social Heroes and Heroines that have been instrumental in keeping B’SPOQUE alive and thriving. Without their support, this artwork would not have been possible.

Club Commission, Die Johanniter, Saving Soul e.V., Urban Fragment Observatory and many more to come.

double exposure of a young man and shiny light dots.
Art by Jeffrey Keenan
multiple expose image of a young woman with red lips and closed eyes on shiny textures.
Art by Igor Rand

Brands featured:

Let’s not forget the devoted patrons and collectors who have recognized the value and potential of B’SPOQUE. Their appreciation and financial support have enabled the artists to continue their creative endeavors and explore new horizons. Their passion for art fuels the engine that drives the art world forward.

Amazfit, Atelier Haderlump Berlin, Atelier Oblique, Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin Show Room, Brachmann, Damur, Judes, Nobi Talai, Platte.berlin, Reclam Verlag, VELT, YAHMO and many more.

A hand with rainbow colors floating into space.
Art by Jan Oliver Schwarz

Last but certainly not least, we must acknowledge the unsung heroes and heroines of society who have played a crucial role in the success of B’SPOQUE. The individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes – the curators, event organizers, art educators, and art enthusiasts – deserve our heartfelt appreciation. Their dedication, advocacy, and passion for art have helped create a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.

And of course a colossal thank you, to all the previous contributors and inspiring humans within the universe of B’SPOQUE.

Header image by Omid Armin. All Rights Reserved, B'SPOQUE magazine 2023/24.