Voodooridoo by Radial Gaze & Pyrame

The debut EP of the collab between Radial Gaze and Pyrame. The result of what had to happen when the two friends finally met in person earlier this year.

Indeed, over a 2 months period, the two electronic musicians quickly hit the ground and regularly caught up at Thisbe Recordings´ HQ in Berlin-Mitte where ideas kept flowing and got recorded. They blent each other´s recipes to produce unpreceded music for both of them.

Image: Thisby Recordings, Pyrame via PR

Pyrame´s brain-sticking melodies and basslines as well as odd organic instrumentation found in his studio meet Radial Gaze´s punchy riffs on acid, signature tribal percussions, and brain-washing arpeggiated patterns.

New EP by Thisbe Recordings

Out of this time in the studio emerged three original tracks. First, “Outrageous” because this is how well the two got on with each other from the first day onwards. “Voodooridoo” came next and was so packed with ideas that the two fellows had to slim down their production at that time.

Such a creative process was calling for a third tune, and that one morning when Pyrame came into the studio and shouted “Boa Boa” while Radial Gaze was already working on another acid trippy pattern paved the way for their third track. Their collaborative work and enthusiasm did the rest and their first collab EP was wrapped up.

Drop on Friday 31st of May 2024

Orchid joins the EP by remixing the title track into an uptempo rework of the original. “Voodooridoo“ is due to drop on Friday 31st of May 2024 via Thisbe Recordings.

VoodooridooRadial Gaze, Pyrame5:50
Boa BoaRadial Gaze, Pyrame5:21
OutrageousRadial Gaze, Pyrame5:39
Voodooridoo (Orchid Remix)Radial Gaze, Pyrame6:03
Cover Artwork by Christoffer Budtz.


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