Boys‘ Shorts – Something To Forget

Prepare to be transported into a realm of sonic enchantment with the forthcoming release from Berlin’s renowned Iptamenos Discos.

Boys’ Shorts, the dynamic queer duo hailing from Greece, comprised of Vangelis (formerly of LAGASTA) and London based Tareq, are set to unveil their EP ‚Something To Forget‘. The new EP is accompanied by captivating remixes from Gabe Gurnsey and Whitesquare.

Following their successful ‘New Era EP’ which was on high rotation on Berlin’s RBB Radio Eins, and lending their remix skills to Local Suicide, Iptamenos Discos label heads, on their Eros Anikate album. Boys’ Shorts are yet again back on Iptamenos Discos with ‘Something to Forget’.

The duo consists of Vangelis and Tareq. Both have been friends for over a decade and have had an incredibly successful year. With a string of highly praised releases on Permanent Vacation, Live At Robert Johnson, HE.SHE.THEY & Pets Recordings. Additionally they do DJ sets in esteemed venues including London’s E1 and Berlin’s Berghain. Both have been remixing as well for Alison Goldfrapp and supporting her on tour.

Something To Forget

The first single and title track starts with a strong kick and a prominent snare which punches through the mix and becomes a driving force which anchors the track. The bouncy and energetic bassline is contrasted with lyrics which are somewhat melancholic. However they are performed in a way that gives them an underlying sense of optimism.

Gabe Gurnsey, the extremely talented producer, a regular on Phantasy Sound and member of Factory Floor, puts forward a dancefloor focused remix of ‘Something To Forget’. He increased the tempo and shifted the focus to the bassline. Initially teasing snippets of the vocals and only letting them play out in full for a moment after the break.

Flying Away

The track features washed out synths packed with reverb and dreamy emotion filled vocals that float around your head. Toeing the line between happy and sad, never quite landing on either and leaving the listener with room for interpretation.

Roman, DJ and producer of Whitesquare, is on remix duties for ‘Flying Away’ and throws away all questions of what tone the track will follow with the introduction of a euphoric and nostalgic piano melody in the breakdown. That will bring a smile to everyone’s face and a wave of positive energy over any dance floor.

‘Something To Forget’ is sure to be a revered release by Boys’ Shorts and another exciting addition to the Iptamenos Discos catalogue. The full EP including both remixes will be released on all digital/streaming platforms and 12” vinyl on June 14th, 2024.

Something To ForgetBoys‘ Shorts5:09
Flying AwayBoys‘ Shorts4:18
Something To Forget (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)Boys Shorts6:24
Flying Away (Whitesquare Remix)Boys‘ Shorts5:34
Something To Forget (Radio Edit)Boys‘ Shorts3:32
Flying Away (Radio Edit)Boys‘ Shorts3:09
Flying Away (Whitesquare Remix – Radio Edit)Boys‘ Shorts3:44

Iptamenos Discos

Iptamenos Discos was established in 2021 by Berlin-based duo Local Suicide as an outlet to release their own productions. Besides Local Suicide’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Eros Anikate’ the label put out EP’s and singles by Dina Summer, Wiener Planquadrat, Boys’ Shorts, Curses, Skelesys, Psycho Weazel & Yotam Russo. Enhancing the blend with remixes by Adana Twins, Echonomist, Biesmans, T.Raumschmiere, Black Light Smoke, Marvin & Guy, You Man & many more.

The duo has gained a reputation for their eclectic works across many genres such as dark disco, new wave, indie dance, leftfield pop, EBM & industrial. They collaborated with artists such as Curses, Theus Mago, Rodion, Alejandro Paz, Kalipo, Mijo, Thomass Jackson, Kid Simius, Joyce Muniz, Skelesys & many more. Read more here.


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