3d Artworks by Simon Lee

3d Artworks by Simon Lee

With modern techniques the art world has become a new form of expression: 3D. We found this stunning artwork by Simon Lee and his vision of old masters.

The use 3D renderings have become a new form of art. Whilst digital art works could never replace master painting, they’ve become a new artistic tool which leaves a mark on the contemporary art scene. One of our featured artists is Simon Lee, who has mastered the classics of the art scene into fresh and inspiring images.

Van Gogh and other artists have created those iconic images almost over a century ago, some are even older and awake the impressions of timeless views and beauty ideals.

A Tribute to Old Masters

Botticelli’s „Birth of Venus“, „Starry Night“ by Van Gogh or „The Son of Man“ by René Magritte are just a few significant works from old masters which have become modern symbols for the quick change through digitalization and the possibilities of 3D renderings or image manipulation. Lee has featured almost all of them in a contemporary face and connected them to references from Gen Z and Gen Y’s childhood memories.

A bliss of Greek Mythology

Especially greek mythology and the take over by the roman empire and their aesthetics has been a part of the work by Simon Lee, who captured them in shiny materials or made their aging process visible by rearranging the puzzle pieces and repair them in the ancient wabi-sabi technique.

Through Space and Time

Not without having a certain sense of humor, displayed in the Pantone inspired planetary cards which are containing the entire universe and its planets such as Venus, Moon, Uranus, Earth and the other constellations. Part of the entire collection of 3D renderings have been featured on our website and in categories such as avantgarde, eclectic and zeitgeist.

All Images are by 3D Artist Simon Lee and can be found via unsplash.com

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