Ruffles, dreams, and softness intertwine with the wind, creating a love song named #DAMUR. The Highlights of the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection by Huang Damur.

Fashion on the river throughout Berlin, the whole city is your catwalk! #DAMUR, a high-end streetwear brand from Berlin, once again surprised the city with an exceptional show presentation. The SS24 collection embodies the spirit of motion, unpredictability, fluidity, and the designer’s own roots, kinks, and fantasies! Oversized PVC trench coats paired with electric pink and green Jacquard tops and suits showcase eccentricity and dream-like designs. Signature cutout patterns in various shapes and arrangements create a symphony of body, silhouette, and movement.

The collection flawlessly combines elements of Tai Chi, embodying the designer’s multicultural background, with iconic Berlin streetwear essentials like cargo pants, crop tops, and muscle tank tops. This unique fusion harmoniously blends Eastern and Western influences, contrasting the bold and gentle, cold and warm. #DAMUR curates a remarkable assortment of streetwear silhouettes and avant-garde creations, using thoughtfully selected deadstock fabrics and upcycled Jacquard knits. The collection effortlessly merges timeless trench coats, breezy summer tops, elegant dresses, versatile unisex suits, trendy jeans, stylish gloves, and innovative silhouettes crafted specifically for dancers, creating a dynamic atmosphere of movement. The designs are not only expressive and alluring but also sustainable, reflecting #DAMUR’s commitment to ethical fashion.

An international community with authenticity

„A club is all about shared interests and connections. Nightclubs burst onto the scene in the 1840s in New York City and are still going strong today, with Berlin leading the way as a hotbed of nightlife and alternative culture. Since 2012, I’ve witnessed the electric energy of Berlin’s nightlife and fashion week. The exclusive club experiences made me feel like one of the coolest kids in town. But the more I danced, the more I craved simplicity. It’s about staying true to yourself, without pretending to fit into any specific club or scene. Today, conformity is key, and being unique and true to yourself is a rare find. That’s why we created the Anti-Basic Basic Club—a gathering that celebrates authenticity and self-expression. It’s a safe space for your kinks and limitless creativity, a transformative journey open to ALL. There’s no front row and no need for tickets. Fashion is a movement, just like our SS24 Fashion Show!“

Damur Huang

On Thursday, 13.07, #DAMUR hosted a captivating show presentation with artistic choreography on the picturesque Berlin Spree River. The event featured 3 matt black balloon boats, namely Momme, Rossi, and Unkraut (a 100% upcycled boat sourced and made in Berlin), transporting 7 dancers, 7 models, and 1 cellist from the Molecule Man monument to Humboldthafen. Following the river’s course, the performance gracefully transformed the public and city landscape into a mesmerizing romantic science fiction series created by #DAMUR. The event, titled ANTI-BASIC BASIC CLUB, aimed to reconnect the Berlin and international community with authenticity, circularity, and an embrace of the raw and unconventional.

celebrating self-expression

Organic wave shapes, neon green contrast topstitching, three-dimensional seam finishing, and blurred lines add an artistic touch to pants and shirts in the #DAMUR collection. The integration of elegant organza ruffles and rugged denim creates a bold contrast, representing the inherent contrasts present in both fashion and life. Vibrant colours and expressive garments amplify the authentic and empowering spirit of #DAMUR, celebrating self-expression and the liberating freedom it brings. Above all, daring to dream, DREAM BIGGER and stay true to oneself.

As the sun bathed Berlin in its vibrant glow, the grand finale of the show unfolded at Ludwig-Erhard Ufer. The souls, makeup, wind, scents, sounds, fabrics, and shapes gracefully danced on the transformed water runway. Each piece conveyed a distinct story of individual self-expression, leaving attendees with a profound sense of being part of an inclusive and empowering fashion experience. The ANTI-BASIC BASIC CLUB theme celebrated freedom without bouncers, dress codes, or rejection and was open to all.

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