MONA CORDES at the BFW 2024

MONA CORDES at the BFW 2024

Mona Cordes is a single person brand with in house production, from her Berlin home studio. Cordes is showcasing her new collection ‘SOOTHEON’.

Contributed by Mona Cordes

Her debut during the #BFW24 at the DOCK 11 in Pankow has left impact on the fashion scene. Her playful designs recreated the spirit of a free and peaceful community. The collection is about the community and unity as individuals within the arts. Lives are lived so differently depending on our upbringing, race, heritage, gender, upbringing, education, connections and health status.

What is my or our essence of today’s life?
As a human being on planet earth?
What is important to me and to my community? 
Do I feel mattering + belonging? 
What drives me, determines my being and living? 
Where do I stand in life? 
Am I content and happy? 
Do I have to be happy? 
Am I pursuing what I should or what I want to? 
Can I accept being human? 
What does it mean to be fulfilled? 
How do I live freely without worries? 
Is it ever possible? 
What is the right balance? 
What is to live a life and die?
How old will I be? 
What is to last forever? 
Can we live forever? 
How is it to die?
To be reborn and to live again? 

Too many questions! Too many answers! Can we take a pause and soothe into the moment and feel gratitude of being here.

It is a path, uncertainty with excitement.

Let’s be thankful for being here, born into the planet earth. Getting to know ourselves and others, experience a whole life, and further. Let’s take a moment – feel grateful, gentle, at ease, SOOTHEON. Take a good breath. Soothe into, new days, weeks, months, years. Time goes with us.

We go, we lead. Take your lead. Let’s live, however you may. Remember to ‘SOOTHEON’. Soothe in, feel content, gratitude, mattering. Life is precious, as individuals and as a community.

Let’s create peace and love, a community, full of unity and fulfill our lives with belonging and purpose. Let’s fuel each other with love, with passion, with strength. Live a life with energy, connection and with a few warm words, everyday. Support each other, burn for yourself and for those ones, close to you. In this uncertain world we have to take action, use our voice, take courage, recognition, the love and the will, to find strength. And the list is indefinite… ∞

Team Credits

Designer, Show Director, Producer, Set Designer, Stylist & Casting: Mona Cordes, @Mona Cordes

Hair: Akari Matsumoto, @hairstylist_akr | Lea Michels,

Makeup: Mariya Madzharova, @mariyaavm | Erika Leadbeater, @eleadbeater_mua | Caterina Veronesi, @caterinaveronesi_

Nails: Abena Robinson, @abena_lopez_nails

Show music: Storm Willow Hartley (ground track) w/ Jun Suzuki

Light: Tobija, @two.light_

Movement Director: Cristina Negucioiu, @cristina.negucioiu

Movers: Maia Zinnia Joseph, @souldancer.mj | Emma Skyum, @emmaskyum | Soyeon Shin, @shsoyeonin | Mayila Khodadin, @mayila_khodadin | Fotis Charonis, @fotisharonis | Hannah Siobhan Stein, @hannahsstein | Po Nien, @po_nien | Lorenzo Maria Savino, @laurentsavino

Show day helpers & dressers: Gabriella Holmes, @gabriellaholmes | Joely Walford, @joelywalford | Jana Khoudiakov, @janakhoudi | Emilia Saranpää, @emilia_saranpää | Özge Eroglu, @ozge.eroglu | Ebba Aniansson, @ebbawer | Xavi Aniansson, @xaviicii | Maya Hahn, @poemaniac | Franz Schiecke, @fiend_franz

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