@BBA: Markus Rock’s solo exhibition ‘Chimera’

@BBA: Markus Rock’s solo exhibition ‘Chimera’

A new exhibition by Markus Rock will be presented at the BBA Gallery in Berlin. The solo show will be open fro the 10. of August until the 6. of September.

The BBA Gallery is proud to announce ‘Chimera’, a debut solo exhibition of the latest series by German fine-art photographer Markus Rock. ‘Chimera’ plays on perception and imagination. The bodies of Julia and Siri are a projection surface where individuals influence how parts of the body combine to form unusual organisms. In the manner of the mythological Greek Chimera, the two figures in the black space of the photographs merge together at bizarre angles.


The incorporation of dance and extreme physical proximity differentiates these photographs from his previous work. Intuitive and emotionally driven, “Chimera” is a testament to the transformative potential of human connections that goes beyond verbal communication. Introducing Markus Rock’s solo exhibition ‘Chimera’. Join us for the opening night on Thursday 10. August at 18:00-21:00.


Markus Rock

Event Period:  
Thur 10. August  –  Wed 6. September
Opening Event:
Thur 10. August – 18:00 – 21:00
Tue – Sat 12:00 – 18:00
Artist Talk:
Sat 2. September  –  18:00
BBA Gallery, 99 Köpernicker Str. 10179 Berlin

About the artist

German photographer Markus Rock moved to Berlin in 2008, whereupon he began pursuing fine-art photography as his primary method of expression. At 14 years old he was given his first camera and did not stop until today. He uses photography as a means of communication, recreating impressions from classical art, one thing he believes has stayed the same throughout his practice. We can see this in most of his series, like the 2016 ‘Vanitas’ series. 

Rock found a muse in Julia, who choreographed the 2019 ‘Julia’ series while heavily pregnant. The photographer-choreographer connection remains in the series being shown at BBA Gallery, ‘Chimera’.

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