Meet the Palakkad Chair

The Indian design house Phantom Hands presents a new iconic design: Discover the Palakkad Chair, deisgned by Nityan Unnikrishnan.


Furniture forms a persistently innocuous imagery in artist Nityan Unnikrishnan’s paintings. Transitional-style chairs, cupboards, bureaus, and stools lie strewn, toppled or occupied by people; acting as storytelling devices. With the Palakkad Chair by Phantom Hands, Nityan brings one of them to life. 

The Palakkad Chair 

The spindle emerged as the central character of the Palakkad Chair; with slim forms in the backrest and thicker versions for the legs. The cane pattern of the seat features a unique wraparound weave that makes it ergonomically comfortable. Lightweight and robust, this solid teakwood chair can be used as a dining chair, desk chair or as a standalone living room chair.

The Palakkad Chair is an ode to artist Nityan Unnikrishnan’s long-standing bond with furniture. For starters, it is named after a town in Kerala where Nityan’s grandfather ran a furniture factory and where he spent joyous moments of his childhood.

The design is inspired by his time at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad where he was exposed to George Nakashima’s work. The first version was created in 2013 as a gift for a friend; and now 10 years and several iterations later, it has evolved into the Palakkad Chair.

Click to read about the artist’s design journey 


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