Phantom Hands – Indian modern furniture

Phantom Hands – Indian modern furniture

Timeless and iconic, the designs from the Indian midcentury era have been inspiring interiors all over the world. Discover the latest Updates by Phantom Hands.

Unveiling new products by x+l 

The latest products designed by Dutch duo Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel are inspired by their interest in art and architecture, their deep appreciation of simple, honest materials and the importance they place on recycling. 

x+l 09 Cardhouse Lamp 

Based on the principle of recycling, the Cardhouse Lamp is made with upcycled pieces of teak wood that are arranged to intersect and stack up in the manner of a house of cards. The lamp shade is made with handwoven ‘khadi’ silk fabric. 

x+l 10 Wall Cabinet 

The idea for the Wall Cabinet emerged from wood inlay experiments at the Phantom Hands workshop and engagements with traditional inlay artisans from the city of Mysore. Featuring a contemporary, three-dimensional inlay pattern, this cabinet can serve as a storage unit, a bar cabinet or as a writing desk when the flap is lowered. It is available in a choice of two design patterns called – Split Level Rooms and Tower of Shadows (inspired by Le Corbusier’s Tower of Shadows in Chandigarh). 

x+l 11 Lounge Chair 

The Lounge Chair echoes a classic, mid-century design and is constructed with traditional woodworking joineries. The upholstery fabric called ‚Thasra‘ is made of a very coarse, open-end, cotton yarn plied with hand-spun, silk yarn made from mulberry silk waste which gives it a unique and uneven texture. The process of spinning to weaving to finishing the fabric is done entirely by hand.

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