AKIND: Gems for a Sustainable Future

The lab-grown gemstones by Akind are a new sustainable and circular choice for jewelry lovers. Discover the latest emerald collection, framed in recycled gold.

Akind, a company dedicated to driving real change through ethical and sustainable practices, is proud to unveil its latest product offering – a collection of rings studded with lab-grown emeralds. This new line not only showcases the beauty and rarity of lab-grown emeralds but also aligns Akind’s commitment to preserving the environment and promoting responsible sourcing.

A New Collection of Lab-Grown Emerald Rings

Emeralds, known for their rarity and captivating beauty, are among the world’s most precious gemstones. Nevertheless, traditional emerald mining takes a toll on the environment, and mined emeralds often exhibit flaws that make them fragile. To address these challenges and meet the growing demand for ethical and sustainable jewelry, Akind presents its latest collection featuring labgrown emeralds – an innovative gemstone due to their sustainable and controlled production process.

What are Lab-Grown Emeralds?

Lab-grown emeralds are real emeralds created in a controlled laboratory environment, offering the same beauty and allure as mined emeralds. They are crafted through advanced techniques that mimic the natural formation process, resulting in a flawless gemstone without any inclusions. A labgrown emerald possesses the same captivating green hue that has won over hearts for centuries, without the environmental impact of traditional mining.

The new collection of lab-grown emerald rings will be available for purchase at Akind. Discover the beauty of lab-grown emeralds and be a driving force in creating positive change.

Three major Benefits of Lab-Grown Emeralds:

Sustainability: Lab-grown emeralds require significantly fewer natural resources, reducing the ecological strain associated with traditional mining. For example, emeralds grown in labs require virtually no land displacement or negative exploitation of workers in developing countries.

Quality: Lab-grown emeralds are visibly free from flaws and inclusions, making them more durable and less likely to damage.

Affordability: Lab-grown emeralds offer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. Customers can own a genuine emerald without breaking the bank, making them an attractive choice.

About Akind

Akind is a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand for conscious women, founded in 2019 by Anna Wallander. The forward thinking jewelry company is committed to creating real change in the industry. With a focus on exceptional quality, sustainable materials, and transparency, Akind aims to redefine the standards for responsible and timeless jewelry. Based in Stockholm, Akind designs Scandinavian-inspired jewelry and collaborates with expert goldsmiths in Spain, Italy and Germany. To learn more about Akind, visit the website.

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