Vibe Labs new formats ensure diversity and safety within the clubbing community. For that reason they team-up with creatives from all over the globe. Join them!

SXSW is coming to Sydney, Australia, this year! As the most significant event in the music, film and interactive media industries, SXSW hosts conferences, screenings and exhibitions that bring together people from all of the creative industries. The new expansion in Sydney is dedicated to innovation and creativity in the Asia-Pacific region and will take place on October 15-22, 2023. We have applied to be a part of the conference program with our panel proposal on cultural infrastructure mapping, and we need your help to ensure that nighttime advocacy has a spot on the program. Vote for us in the SXSW “Session Selects” to make it happen!

Panel Discussion and Session selects

Our panel explores the importance of cultural infrastructure mapping in urban development and why decision-makers should care. We will have cultural infrastructure experts from London, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, Nairobi, and Barcelona joining us to discuss the merits of mapping creative spaces, how they can empower communities, and how they can inform policies.

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Event Review: VibeLab’s Nighttime Lab at SXSW spotlit Austin’s independent scene.

Last month’s Nighttime Lab program at SXSW Austin was a great success, thanks to our partners, German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York, German Haus, and Resident Advisor, who partnered with us at VibeLab.

The program highlighted the efforts of cultural producers in the nightlife and music sector to preserve independent culture in the face of rapid real-estate development and expanding displacement in Austin. These producers, from online radio stations to clubs and renegade-style events, provide essential community connections and platforms for the diverse cultures that call Austin home.

These spaces and communities are as crucial to Austin’s innovation and social infrastructure as the tech startups that often dominate the headlines. They help to „keep Austin weird“ and make the city unique, inclusive, and economically sustainable. It’s essential for Austin’s leadership to connect with grassroots groups to find ways to preserve these spaces and provide resources for their operations and community safety/accessibility. By doing so, Austin can continue to thrive as a diverse cultural destination.

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