Anastasia Zems and Mike Sacchetti

The debut track, ‚Enter the Wild,‘ blends percussion, groove, and excitement. Inspired by tribal dance and nightly bike rides, it’s a fresh take on Indie Dance.

Melodies linger like ghosts, speaking the language of the lost, Berlin’s newborn baby Ghosting Corporation hails from unhealthy breakups and unanswered text messages, with tunes made for places where loud sound systems and lonely spirits meet. The night is there to evade those negative feelings of emptiness and exchange them for a brief moment of body movement.

Enter the Wild

GC first reference, titled “Enter the Wild” is stuffed with elements brought together to create a mix of percussion, groove and excitement, an after midnight fiesta combining Anastasia Zems’s massive vocal talent with what label’s creator, Mike Sacchetti had envisioned probably influenced by a tribal dance he saw in a movie and a long bike ride home. Both stepped out a bit from their living room couch to deliver something fresh to the sound of Indie Dance.

By Anastasia Zems & Mike Sacchetti

And as if it wasn’t confusing enough to your expectations, two special guests came to spend the evening at the remix department: the France-based Moroccan rooted artist Zaatar widens the sound spectrum while spitting out cosmic dust with a slow builder re-interpretation piece of “The World’s a Dream”, ultimately to hand it over to Berlin’s established producer Radial Gaze to properly fuel the rocket with an acid energised version just tailored for the peak time enthusiasts.

Out on all platforms 17th May 2024.

Ghosting Corporation



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