Rigopolar & Disto Disco: Spaced Out

We’re introducing a fantastic new release from Rigopolar and Disto Disco – Spaced Out EP, published by Tour De Infinite.

This 5 track collaboration includes two brand new original tracks, as well as three remixes from stellar artists: Phunkadelica, Cabizbajo & Colossio, and Childs. The EP will release on Rigopolar’s own label, Tour De Infinite.

Rigopolar a.k.a Manuel Castaneda is a Miami based DJ and producer originally from Mexico. He has released previously on Duro, Nazca and most recently on his very own Tour De Infinite. Through a mixture of italo disco and techno, Rigopolar has crafted his expansive sonic universe. His music is inquisitive, and challenges the listener to dive deep and ask big questions along with him. Where do we come from? Where are we going?

In Spaced Out EP he joins forces with DJ duo Disto Disco. These Mexican party starters know disco inside and out. Their club night Discoteca Seducción has taken them across Mexico and beyond, where they showcase the finest selections of disco, dark disco, italo and indie dance.


With Untitiled, the EP begins with a masterful study on the fundamentals of disco. This 8 minute epic track stretches time – stripped back with a focus on perfecting the core elements of irresistible grooves. Expertly crafted instrumentation which give the track a live, organic feel. A groove that grows on you as it repeats, each element digging a little deeper and hooking you a little more until you’re on the ride with them.

Spaced Out

Moving into title track Spaced Out, which has more of an 80s feel. Space age post-disco with an acid flavour. Like Untitled, Spaced Out has the kind of chord progressions that make you double take. Beautifully crafted harmonies in the synths which transport us to this cosmic space – we’re Spaced Out as the name suggests. Its compelling bassline repeats throughout, inviting us in and leaving us in a constant state of suspense.

Italian sensations Phunkadelica pick up the energy in the Spaced Out remix, this time with more emphasis on percussion. The track is a sonic feast with splashy hats, joyful cowbells and whipping snares. Phunkadelica’s remix feels as though we have arrived somewhere, and yet it keeps the listener on their toes with unexpected yet perfectly executed mutations in the groove.

Cabizbajo and Colossio, two prominent electronic artists in Mexico’s contemporary music scene, showcase their unmistakable mastery in the Untitled remix. Untitled lifts off and soars, it’s expansive and determined. Here they crack open the original, as though this version was lingering somewhere under the surface already. Added synths and texture expands on the narrative that was alluded to by the original, taking the listener somewhere momentous and free.


Last but not least, Childs. This innovative indie shoegaze band from Mexico flip Untitled on its head. Slowed right down, this version is transcendent with organ sounds akin to a warm shower. A beautiful, ephemeral remix, almost like a ghost of the original. It’s a downtempo dream that feels both deeply human and totally otherworldly.

As an impressive exploration the EP leads through indie dance and disco variations, and is certainly not to be missed! Spaced Out EP will release 26th of February, 2024 via Tour De Infinite on all digital and streaming platforms.

Rigopolar & Disto Disco – Spaced Out EP [Tour De Infinite]

Untitled (Original Mix)Rigopolar & Disto Disco8:00
Spaced Out (Original Mix)Rigopolar & Disto Disco5:59
Spaced Out (Phunkadelica Skylab Remix)Rigopolar & Disto Disco5:43
Untitled (Colossio & Cabizbajo Remix)Rigopolar & Disto Disco6:16
Untitled (Childs Remix)Rigopolar & Disto Disco5:38

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