Viktor Voi | Opening: Pure Pose

The opening of the current exhibition by Viktor Voi will be at the upcoming Friday. Voi presents new works playing with space and processes.


How does the artistic object relate to its surroundings and its own history? Is it fragmentary or does it shape space? How has the definition of the concept of the art object evolved over time? Is it constantly expanding, or does it possibly have foreseeable limits like reduction?

In Victor Voi’s work, there is a constant interplay between addition and deliberate reduction in dealing with space and processes. The fragments he discovers or assembles are already potent concentrates that simply need to be correctly placed to reveal their connections, akin to unlocking a lock.

setting bodies, space, and color in tense relationships

He utilizes geometric forms to define his concept of the art object, developing modular forms and arranging them in model-like constellations. Simultaneously, he thinks on a grand scale and encourages the viewer to engage in a process of design, akin to navigating a design labyrinth. His experiments with materials and forms often lead to the dissolution of form into fragments. Some of his works redefine the concept of the art object through process-based approaches, by setting bodies, space, color bodies, and color fields in tense relationships.

The exhibition offers an exciting blend of geometric, process-based, and fragmentary approaches to the creation of art objects in space.

Viktor Voi Pure Pose


Friday Nov 3rd, 5 – 9 pm
Köthener Straße 28

Köthener Straße 28
10963 Berlin Kreuzberg

Potsdamer Platz 8
10117 Berlin Mitte


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