The Y2K style has brought back the ugly look as well. Latest trend: dad style with minimalist frames and a fashionable sense of irony.


Comfy, functional and knowingly ugly – Dadcore is a decidedly anti-fashion movement rejecting maximalism and turning rather discrete items into ironic fashion pieces. Although fathers can hardly shine with a pronounced sense of fashion, they know all too well what is practical and cosy.

Artist Doja Cat was spotted sporting the trend wearing GARTH from the MYKITA NO1 collection – minimalist frame silhouettes made out of ultra-light-weight stainless steel combined with adjustable nosepads for maximum comfort, handmade in Berlin. All frames available on

Picture credit: Image via Doja Cat´s stylist @brettalannelson – please note that MYKITA does not hold the image rights on the above picture.


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