Vasco Ispirian – Fata Morgana

Vasco Ispirian’s new album takes you as high as an astral trip and offers a glimpse of the deepen future journey blazing ahead.


Fata Morgana’s concept draws from Ispirian´s live sets in the USA. Then, back in Europe, Vasco refined his performance and the live takes were finally mixed and mastered in Madrid. The project sees the light in 2023, after the global impasse the world went through, as a two EP installment: Fata Morgana I & II.

stretched sonic lands

Like a complex optical illusion perceived as a banner over the sea horizon, where sight is significantly distorted and changes rapidly, unlike any other ordinary mirage, a true Fata Morgana comprises several inverted and steepled illusions, stacked on one another, showing alternating compressed and stretched sonic lands.

The term named after the Mistress of the Fairies of the Salt Sea, King Arthur’s half-sister Morgan le Fay, encapsulates the hallucinatory prowess of the seduction myth, a symbol of incantation and sensorial catharsis among the pleasure and the pain meanders.

a magnetic grip

The 5-track EP explores a musically uncharted lysergic soundscape, unveiling a hallucinatory electro-glitter accompanied by gritty fat notes in the track „Wickbush.“ The progression of the EP is akin to the stages of cosmic intoxication, with „Acid Tears“ embodying a vividly dark dub acid experience that exudes a magnetic grip, evolving into a true obsession that feels almost like a spell.

In „Una y Otra Vez,“ a steady buildup of a hypnotic and subtle theme creates an immersive experience, taking the listener on a journey as high as an astral trip. The track „Mirage“ contributes to this astral atmosphere, while the EP concludes with a slow descent from the alternate state of consciousness in the latter part, serving as a prelude to the deeper future journey ahead, set to unfold on March 3rd.


A1 – Wickbush
A2 – Acid Tears
B1 - Una Y Otra Vez
B2 - Mirage
B3 – March Third

Release Date : January 25th, 2024
Catalog Number CS01
Label: Collateral Series


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