The Art of Daily Inspiration

The daily business can be hardcore as fuck, but if you do your research and just let the subconsciousness take over for a minute or two, it can blow your mind. As we often work with the images of, we discover new talents and artists, who are able to capture their visions visible in stunning images.

In this very special edit we’d love to showcase the Shanghai based artist and photographer Wei Ding, who has created the inspirational and uniquely composed image. His visual work is part of an continously ongoing project of daily photography with an social edge to the messages, captured in the follwing series.


The Ambitions

He had set himself a very, very ambitious goal: creating a single image every day. We’ve decided that this artistic challange is definitely worth to contribute! Here’s the result of his melancholic, dreamy and sometimes aggressively honest progress as artist. Enjoy the ride of his visual journey and get a bit into his mind space.

The Struggle is Real

What would be the healthiest way to mix together creativity and the urge for freedom, payment and bold ideas? Wei has found a way to connect his unique eye and the imagination which is behind every single artwork. Not only that his works are notably inspiartion to others, they are also oustanding compositions and timeless, unique creations, which leave room for individual interpretation.

Two sides of the stories

Between liberation, crtique and aesthetics Wei Ding creates moment which offer new perspectives on the way how we perceive fashion, habits and style. But he also offers new angles on iconic symbolism and it’s two sided truth.

“It’s art and it’s fragile”

Yasha Young

Is it real, or just a dream?

Mentioning the two sides of a story, only artist know the bitter truth on creations and their fragile life in a modern fast paced society. By searching for beauty, we often face the ugly side of humanity and it’s impact on the real life struggles of contempory artist and their various thoughts or the intellectual process with the creation of the artworks. Whilst art is often perceived as something for the rich upper class, it is crucial to understand artists for their own ways and decisions.

Visual Questions to Wei Ding

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