The new October line up at the RSO.Berlin is online now. Find out more about the dates, acts and how to get tickets here.

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Find the RSO.Berlin full October programme, all info and ticket links down below. 

FRI 06.10. GEGEN

For the Identity edition of GEGEN, the crew invites, Perc, one of electronic dance music’s reference points who’s an internationally touring DJ, label owner and one of the most respected producers in techno today. Known as one of the most forward-thinking individuals in techno, Perc fuses current sounds with his extensive knowledge of electronic music’s past to create something new & unique GEGEN Identity also features Vault Sessions resident, Grace Dahl, Berlin-based duo, CLITS, and GEGEN resident, L Ʌ V Σ N.


SAT–MON 07.–09.10 RFLXN with Blue Hour, Lady Starlight, P.E.A.R.L., Phara, Umfang & Vixen

The first RFLXN of the month sees the American performing live artist, Lady Starlight, whose keen focus on authentic communication has made her one of the more original and colorful artists. True to her namesake, she has followed her own star by choosing to integrate a number of different influences – performance / body art, progressive rock and metal, and electronic dance music – into a single eclectic, but coherent, personality.

Joining Lady Starlight for the night are Blue Hour, Falling Ethics’ P.E.A.R.L, Fuse resident Phara, Brooklyn’s Umfang and Fast Forward’s Vixen.


FRI–MON 13.–16.10. SYNOID

SYNOID returns for an October weekender. RSVP


Giorgi Kancheli is a Georgian producer and a resident DJ at Bassiani who has been crucial in shaping the country’s club culture. Growing up in the dark and crumbling Tbilisi in the 90’s, it has greatly influenced his musical identity. For it’s third edition at RSO, Veselka, the Ukrainian Queer collective also invites Promise, Pervert Mexico’s Villaseñor, Venomstacy, and Nastya Muravyova. 

SAT–MON 21.–23.10. RFLXN x Tech Couture x Warning with Caiva, Echoes of October, François X, Giraffi Ghost, & Naone

François X really “kickstarted” his career in 2012 with a residency at Concrete, where he shaped many sonically adventurous stories. François’ love for the club has brought with it a reputation as a vibrant artist behind the turntables.

The Tech Couture hosted floor sees artists such as Selected’s Caiva, Echoes of October, Berlin’s SHADYLINES as well as Copenhagen’s Ida Engelhardt along with RSO resident Xiorro while the Warning hosted floor includes Giraffi Ghost and Naone.



Raster returns for another experimental-filled Thursday night with Frank Bretschneider who works as a musician, composer and video artist here in the city of Berlin. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach. Described as „abstract analogue pointilism“, „ambience for spaceports“ or „hypnotic echochamber pulsebeat“. The night also includes Franz Pomassl and RSO resident, Yanling.


FRI 27.10. 47 with Tommy Four Seven, Rommek, Oake, & Linn Elisabet

As a well-established artist, Rommek has creatively expanded in his own sound, as well as carving his way into the current techno and experimental scene. His extensive interest in sound design is crafted within the dense atmospheres, heavy broken drums and dynamic tones found within his productions. The London based producer released his debut 12” ‚Thought Patterns EP‘ on Weekend Circuit in 2014. Since then, he’s released music on Leyla records, Methodical and in 2016 he joined the seminal Blueprint Records. This edition of 47 also includes Oake, Linn Elisabet, as well as Tommy Four Seven.

SAT–MON 28.10.–30.10.RFLXN with Isaiah, LDS, Philippa Pacho, slin, Shifted, & Yanamaste

Since the birth of the last decade Shifted has been responsible for some of techno’s most exciting explorations. Collectively, through his latest projects and history in drum & bass, he has subconsciously forged his own path within the field of modern electronic music.

For the month’s closing edition of RFLXN, Shifted is joined by Frenzy’s Isaiah, Khidi’s Yanamaste, Positive Source’s Philippa Pacho, Berlin’s spin, and Monnom Black’s LDS.



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12439 Berlin Schöneweide

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• 4 stops from Ostkreuz and 3 stops from Neukölln with S-Bahn
• 18 minutes by Bus 165 from Schlesisches Tor

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Images & Artworks by: Colors And The Kids

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