Galerie Kornfeld: Drei neue Austellungen

Die Galerie Kornfeld zeigt die Arbeiten von drei Künstlerinnen. Wer die Art Week Berlin verpasst hat, kann noch bis November die Ausstellung besuchen.

MARTIN SPENGLER: Creatio Ex Aliquo

The Kornfeld Galerie Berlin is pleased to present the recent works of Martin Spengler under the title Creatio Ex Aliquo. New reliefs and sculptures fill the space, all created in his distinctive technique. Spengler cuts into corrugated cardboard blocks, paints these with gesso, and then emphasizes the cut edges with graphite.

His works invite visitors to reflect on the changes and ambivalences within German society over time and deal with the current questions of our coexistence.  Even superficially ‚harmless‘ motifs such as the relief of the Colosseum in Rome, or the depictions of waves breaking powerfully lose their innocence, as they too, tell of the power of the masses.

Artist Talk: Friday, 6 October, 6:30pm
Exhibition: 14 September – 04 November 2023, 11am–6pm
KORNFELD GALERIE BERLIN, Fasanenstr. 26, 10719 Berlin


LENA KELLER: Watching My Own Rotation

Watching My Own Rotation, by Lena Keller marks our first show of her works at 68projects by KORNFELD.  Her paintings are influenced by the aesthetics of digital images and address the relationship between humans and landscape. The play between sharp and blurred focus reminds the viewer of smartphone photography coupled with today’s viewing habits.

Artist Talk: Friday, 6 October, 6:30pm
Exhibition: 14 September – 04 November 2023, 11am–6pm
68projects, Fasanenstr. 68, 10719 Berlin



Franziska Klotz’s works are windows into our world: they capture our gaze with painterly magic, whilst allowing us to see through them to the things which really concern us. In the exhibition Grund Risse Franziska Klotz presents her latest works at 69salon by Kornfeld.

Viewing by appointment via KORNFELD
69salon by KORNFELD, Fasanenstr. 69, 10719 Berlin


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