Berlin Fashion Week HIGHLIGHTS DAY 3 

Berlin Fashion Week HIGHLIGHTS DAY 3 

Designers such as MILK OF LIME, RIANNA + NINA, WILLIAM FAN, SIA ARNIKA, ACCEPTANCE LETTER , DZHUS have made their statements on the runway in Berlin.


Milk of Lime’s collection „Dozen“ delves into the captivating themes of nature, decay, transience, imperfect beauty, and poetry. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, the designs encapsulate the alluring imperfections found in outdoor settings. The collection was showcased in a mesmerizingly mystical ambiance beneath the dome of the Zeiss Major Planetarium. 

The collection captures the essence of nature through its selection of materials, captivating colors, and captivating silhouettes. Earthy tones, including black, white, green, brown, and delicate hints of red and silver, dominate the colour palette. The interplay of leather and flowing transparent fabrics embodies the raw yet gentle aspects of nature. Read more…


RIANNA + NINA want to make the world a little more colorful with their looks and encourage women to feel beautiful regardless of their appearance. They absolutely fulfill their label credo with „Mythologia“: the designer duo dedicates their Spring/Summer 2024 collection to ancient Greek culture and took inspiration from Rianna Kounou’s home, historical sculptures, paintings, architecture, legends and costumes.

With „Mythologia“ they fashionably explore the connection between the past and the future. Read more

  „Berlin influences RIANNA + NINA’s work through its multicultural atmosphere and diversity. The city is a major fashion hub known for its international residents and unique cultural exchanges. 



In 2015 William Fan founded his eponymous label in Berlin and has since celebrated great success on the national and international fashion stage. With all his collections, the German with Asian roots combines Chinese and European style elements in a very special way – thus also both cultures.

Intended for people of all ages and especially of all genders, all William Fan looks are not only timeless, but absolutely contemporary.  Read more…


With her Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Sia Arnika revisits her Nordic roots. She explores the meaning of memory through traditional and modern textiles. On the one hand she honors the past, on the other she embraces the future. It is from this mix, from the opposites, that her idiosyncratic visual language emerges, which also captures the brand’s philosophy. Moreover, her more than 20 looks this season are a tribute to freedom – from boredom, traditions and regulations in a globalized world. Read more…


„I love observing people at the airport because it’s where a diverse range of individuals come together: from businessmen and women in suits to budget travelers in casual attire, and even overdressed first-class passengers – you see it all here,“ says Jakeyoung Shim. His enthusiasm also gave birth to the idea for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection for his label, Acceptance Letter Studio: Kiss and Fly 2.0. Read more

„Berlin is a hub of zeitgeist and positive change. It’s fabulous to see Berlin reimagining itself as a center of sustainable fashion and upcycling.“

Mario Keine, Marke


Every collection of the label, founded in 2010, always tells a very special story.  For spring/summer 2024 it is a very personal one and refers to the transition phase of today’s non-binary designers.  At the center of every look are socially ”typical” female and male attributes, traditional norms and established values, which Irina Dzhus questions. 

In addition to archetypal jewellery and accessories that can be transformed into clothes, classic elements are deconstructed and rearranged at the core: a look is supposed to represent a tie and can be transformed into an evening dress. Read more


Identifying relevant topics and bringing people together who have something to say about them is one of the greatest strengths of the organisers of Premium and Seek.  After many years of successful cooperation, 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit was again held at the terrain of Die Station on Tuesday as part of the trade fairs.  

Audiences from different sectors of fashion and sustainability took part in a two-hour programme that focused on the transformation of the denim sector from a „worried child“ of fashion to a role model for innovation, fairness and positive impact. Read more…


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