Esther Perbandt X Acht Berlin „CONCRETE JUNGLE“  

Esther Perbandt X Acht Berlin „CONCRETE JUNGLE“  

Due the third day of Berlin Fashion Week, Perbandt has presented a new collection, combining brutalist architecture with the fragility of nature.

Esther Perbandt collaborated with Acht Berlin to present her latest collection, “Concrete Jungle” during Berlin Fashion Week. The event took place at the Acht Berlin building, located at Schönhauser Allee 8. This innovative space serves as a hub for creatives, embodying Berlin’s entrepreneurial spirit. The building itself is a five-story structure that seamlessly blends modern architectural design with the city’s rich cultural heritage.

For her summer collection, Esther Perbandt skillfully reimagines her signature style by incorporating a mix of light and sheer fabrics. This infusion of 80s sexiness complements her trademark heavy and sculptural designs. The collection’s theme, “Concrete Jungle,” juxtaposes elements of nature, embodied by birds, with the raw and inspiring aesthetic of Brutalist architecture. 

The designer Esther Perbandt passionately communicates her black universe through various forms of media, making a powerful statement against “fast fashion”. Throughout her extensive career, she consistently explores the concept of infinity as a central creative element. The diverse shades of black represent sublimity, encompassing all colors and symbolizing the universe, infinity, and the inherent differences within apparent sameness. Black also carries symbolic weight as the origin of all things, representing both the beginning and coexistence with light.

“Clothing offers physical protection. Fashion also offers protection, but also psychologically. I want to design elegant protective clothing that makes the wearer grow and feel safe.”

Esther Perbandt

Esther Perbandt gained international exposure as a finalist on the popular designer casting show “Making The Cut” on Amazon Prime in 2020, where she showcased her talent under the mentorship of Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. Although narrowly missing out on the first-place position and the accompanying $1 million prize, she left a lasting impression with the support of the esteemed jury members. 

All images courtesy of Isa Foltin for Getty Images

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