Tim Paris – Versions EP [Meant Records]

Tim Paris – Versions EP [Meant Records]

MEANT RECORDS welcomes Parisian producer TIM PARIS for an EP that features three standout originals and two brilliant remixes from COSMO VITELLI and SONNS.

Over a glittering career, TIM PARIS has of course collaborated with Ivan Smagghe, run his own Marketing Music label and turned out a diverse album, ‘Dancers’, for My Favorite Robot and ‚We Us‘, for Ekleroshock. From jacking electro to rugged new wave via freaky house, he has a fully formed palette that is distinguishable by his raw sense of groove and texture.

First up here, PARIS works with Telemark on ‘Version A,’ seven sizzling minutes of macho robot funk. Whirring synths, twisted bass and chunky drums all get you up on your toes and are sure to inject the crowd with wild spirit. French touch genious and I’m A Cliche label boss Cosmo Vitelli steps up to remix and brings more punk spirit to a slap-funk track with booming kicks and brain frying chords. It drips with cool and dark libido and is sure to become a real anthem.

Featuring: Sex Judas

PARIS’s second masterful original, ‘Version B’, features Sex Judas and has a metallic and melodic bassline that runs round the scales in off kilter fashion. Sci-fi pads and bright stabs all add colour to this dystopian disco track as it bumps along and sweeps you up.

Remixer SONNS and his seriously accomplished discography on labels like Kompakt and ESP Institute is next on duty. He flips the track into a loose, flabby chugger with tons of reverb on the guitar lines and spooky synths that wither and wilt. It’s tough disco of the sort that brought magic in Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe sets when the wax got released.


With the brand new VERSION C, PARIS gets back to his first love and gets as close as he can get to the music that brought him to our ears, several years ago now: some kind of a dirty deep house infused in DJ Koze’s beats, made strongly addictive with the enhanced vocal all along the track and a tension at it’s highest. This is a fantastic five tracker of gritty machine disco.

Version C

PARIS – Versions EP was released on wax, and sold out, a while ago. However this EP is now about to start its 2.0 life with the addition and unveiling of: VERSION C ; added exclusively for the occasion. This new track was always intended to be part of the artist’s original EP – but never realised.

This release rings the end of the pause for Remain’s Meant Records and announces the start of a new era for the label. Word’s out, stay safe.

Gift announcement:

The label would be happy to send over any track or release you’ve forgotten about and would like to play again or simply discovered in its back catalogue – here – on request including originals by Alien Alien, Rework, Remote, Click Box, Remain among others and rmxs by Marc Houle, Arnaud Rebotini, The Hacker, Chloé, Rodion, Magda, Kasper Bjørke, Ivan Smagghe, Red Axes

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