Natural Punk by Silent Cure

The new EP Silent „Cure – Natural Punk“, released on Tronik Youth’s label NEIN Records, is one of those high-energy releases!

Copenhagen-based artist Silent Cure is known for producing in a wide music spectrum, from beautiful ambient and jazz-infused tracks to high-energy synth and electro music. The EP title track, ‚Natural Punk‘, is a blend of electronic synth elements and full-blown rock energy, showcasing his deep influences from the early days of Vitalic.

The track is throwing synths right in your face in the most punk way! (If you are into electronic rock, you should also check out ‚Symphony Octobre‘ from Silent Cure’s first album “An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams” ).’Rave Baby‘ is full of energy and blends elements from early electro sounds with sounds of today.

It is a melodic track full of great vibes and well-put vocal parts. Everyone who is into shifting basslines and a heavy beat will surely enjoy this one! The track overall seems quite simple and easy to follow but at the same time very original and catchy.

‚It’s Complicated‘ showcases Silent Cure’s ability to think outside the box, kicking off the track with a slap bass that grabs your attention from the beginning with its originality. The track builds up and does not take many breaks to breathe, but somehow you don’t seem to notice and feel a need for that.

Natural PunkSilent Cure5:52
Rave BabySilent Cure4:29
It’s ComplicatedSilent Cure4:44

Find out more about the Silen Cures latest EP Natural Punk here.

Silent Cure BIO:

Started out as a DJ in 1995, playing at underground parties, and later secured a residency at Kraznapolsky, which was one of Copenhagen’s most renowned clubs for electronic music at the time. Here, you could encounter everyone from Björk to the Danish Crown Prince on the dance floor, illuminated by strobe and UV lights as the only light sources. (The vinyl days)

In 1999, the artist behind Silent Cure organized a major electronic festival at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen called „Rave Parade.“ It was the first of its kind and drew 20,000 ravers. This event was inspired by the German Love Parade and took place annually from 1999 to 2001. This also resulted in being hired as a Promoter and A&R Assistant for Flex / EMI Records, overseeing artist development, release parties, radio, club tours, and promoting Music For Dreams in Ibiza.

Later on, Silent Cure was involved in producing music through several projects, playing in Europe and South Asia at parties and festivals like Street Parade, which gathered over one million people in the streets of Zürich. Silent Cure’s music falls within the melodic spectrum of IDM, and EBM, Indie-Dance encompassing genres like electro, ambient, and electronica Influenced by the many years following the history of electronic music.


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