Schlindwein – Piano < Forte

Schlindwein returns to the stage with the release of his third studio album, a mesmerizing fusion of classical piano compositions and cutting-edge electronica.

Aptly titled ’Piano < Forte’, this new collection of works embodies Schlindwein’s artistic evolution and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. ’Piano < Forte’ is a dynamic playing instruction, meaning that one note is played very quietly and the following note is played strong and loud. This is exactly what is happening in the new album: going from quiet, intimate classical pieces to loud, impactful electronic madness.

Blending Classical Piano Compositions with Electronica Sensibilities

This bold confrontation showcases Schlindwein’s singular ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and awe-inspiring musical experience. Each track is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a specific mood, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a sonic world where classical elegance intertwines with electronic innovation.

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Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Berlin, Schlindwein skilfully infuses the pulsating energy of the city’s vibrant electronic music scene into his compositions. By juxtaposing traditional piano motifs with intricate layers of glitchy beats, ethereal synths, and hypnotic basslines, he creates a truly unique combination of classical and contemporary sonic elements. 

‚Every now and then, during the writing process, a melody or an idea comes along where you just know it is something special. Gateway Gardens is one of those. In this Piano Prelude I present the raw idea of this composition on the piano – minimalistic and pure. This song has so many different facets and moments, that I am sure more versions will evolve from it, spreading like branches from the same tree in different directions towards the sky.‘

Schlindwein about Gateway Gardens

The entire Schlindwein album Piano < Forte, released by R.O.T Records can be purchased on Bandcamp.

About Schlidwein

Classically inspired compositions and electronic sounds merge into his own world of dreamy, lush atmospheres while creating seamless transitions between Neoclassic, Electronica and Deep House. After now multiple albums and EPs, Schlindwein is going into more brave and ambitious musical directions while cementing his vision of contemporary electronic music beyond fixed genres.

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