Oblako Maranta – Trance Beckenbauer

In the new EP “Trance Beckenbauer”, A-Tweed produced 4 original tracks that finely blend the sound of each artist. Slow tribal techno meets acid weird disco.

Oblako Maranta is the collaboration between St-Petersburg-based Radial Gaze and Rome-based A-Tweed. The duo has already released several tracks in different compilations by Samo Records, Electric Shapes, Playground Records, as well as their debut EP “Maranta Kicks” on Duro.

New EP by Thisbe Recordings

Starting off with the title track “Trance Beckenbauer”, Oblako Maranta brings us through a cinematic voyage, paced by percussive wonders and catchy bass lines, hypnotizing the listener from the first kick on. The atmosphere is dark, trippy, beautifully loved in an analog synth “duvet”. With that feeling of timelessness, “Trance Beckenbauer” sounds like the perfect fit for the next Blade Runner´ s soundtrack.

Next on the tracklisting is “Putos Mosquitos”, a tune that gives a feel of crossing a jungle full of wild life, with weird acid patterns on repeat, groovy percussions, and that sense of limitless adventure as the track plays on.

Before Reaching its paroxysm

“Congarella di Luna” is a bewitching tune blending a mesmerizing melody with dreamy pads, finely arranged as the drop brings the energy down before reaching its paroxysm: an irresistible melodic pattern that will leave no one still on the dancefloor.

The fourth track “Analog Garbage” ´should bring any human being on the planet to an ecstatic state as it infuses that energy that makes you move fast and forward, without looking back. Indeed, “Analog Garbage” is driven by a fat bass riff and a kick-drum that tirelessly hammers the pace, while acid melodies are raining as the track unfolds. And there is that drop…

The EP is completed with first-in-class remixes by Iñigo Vontier and Zillas on Acid, who reworked “Putos Mosquitos” and “Congarella di Luna”, respectively.


1. Trance Beckenbauer
2. Putos Mosquitos
3. Congarella Di Luna
4. Analog Garbage
5. Putos Mosquitos (Iñigo Vontier Remix)
6. Congarella Di Luna (Zillas On Acid Remix)
7. Analog Garbage (Dub Version)

Artwork by Danish artist Christoffer Budtz.
Buy the EP here.

release date: November 3rd, 2023
label: Thisbe Recordings
catalog no: THISBE015


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