Dominik Marz – Return to Alpha

With his recent release, artist Dominik Marz makes his solo debut on Thisbe Records with a 4-track EP called “Return to Alpha”

After producing a mesmerizing remix of “Tetra Seeds”, the title track of Radial Gaze´EP released on vinyl and digitally via Thisbe Recordings in November 2022, the stars naturally aligned themselves for Dominik Marz to set the scene for more music to be released via the label.

Return to Alpha

With recent releases on high-profile labels Innervisions, Huntleys + Palmers and Feines Tier, Dominik Marz makes his debut on Thisbe with a 4-track EP called “Return to Alpha”. Yet another masterpiece from the German producer, showcasing what Dominik Marz does best: music at the crossroads between deep house, atmospheric techno and minimal electro.

The result? A sound that strikes the perfect balance for the audience to straight away immerse itself into Dominik´s world, a unique soundscape well above the clouds, where gravity quickly vanishes to give space for our imagination to take-off and travel far, very far away from the ground.

Meet in the middle and find nirvana…

With his new EP “Return to Alpha”, the Augsburg-based musician has given us another “rendez-vous” somewhere in his own universe where the artist manages, once again, to get the listener to meet in the middle and find nirvana.

The two singles “Return to Alpha” and “Safe Spaces” are available on a 30 copies limited 12″ one-sided transparent vinyl edition available for pre-sale from Friday 02nd of February 2024. While the whole 4-track EP will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday 16th of February 2024.

Track Listing (digital):

1. Return to Alpha
2. Safe Spaces
3. Change Position
4. Lavandula

Track Listing (12″ vinyl – one sided, transparent, 30 copies limited edition):

A1. Return to Alpha
A2. Safe Spaces

Dominik Marz

Thisbe Records


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