Fotografiska: The UNMISSABLE New Collection

Fotografiska: The UNMISSABLE New Collection

Berlin’s newest photography gallery Fotografiska welcomes Andy Warhol and Joanna Dudley to its elaborate, stylish and poignant collection.

Andy Warhol – After the party

Andy Warhol made art POP. His anti-capitalist, cartoonage reflections of late 20th Century American culture are the benchmark for contemporary art. The importance of any artist can be measured by the extent to which they infiltrate cultural patterns. “After the Party” reaffirms that Warhol not only infiltrated, but rewrote the standards of artistic creation.

It is rare, yet tantalising, to see behind the curtain of such a creative powerhouse. In Warhol’s case, the curtain (most probably a heavy, dark red velure) hides a life of debauchery, intimacy, and colour. Luckily for everyone else, he was there with his camera the whole time.

“After the party” revels in the world of mystery and money that Warhol eventually became accustomed to. As the name suggests, the collection captures the early morning drunk conversations and long sunday evening dinners of the people we often only see from a distance. Warhol’s artistic prominence enabled him to see the humans behind the posters and political slogans. Mick Jagger (serving tea) at his celebrity retreat in Manhattan, Susan Sontag deep in conversation (why wouldn’t she be?) over a dirty tablecloth and tealight candles.

Fotografiska’s captivating new exhibition, which has travelled from new York to Sweden and now Berlin, traces Warhol’s private life within the public sphere.

Runtime: Fr, 17.05.2024 until Su, 15.09.2024

Joanna Dudley – We will slam you with our wings

How much of who we are has been decided for us? This is one of the central questions at the heart of Joanna Dudley’s video installation at the Fotografiska. More specifically, how can we fly away from those predetermined stories, characteristics, and histories?

Australian born, German based artist, Joanna Dudley re-tells and re-imagines the lives of six women whose stories have been told in the most famous operas. Dido, aneas… all meet tragic fates, but Dudley, along with 6 young girls aged 8-16, re-evaluates these women, not as tragic side notes, but as heroines. Her art installation is a dramatic blend of operatic sensationalism and video tableaus that examine the modern implications for women of historic stories.

Runtime: Fr, 17. 05. 2024 until Su, 15. 09. 2024

Elizaveta Porodina – Un/Masked

Sought after for her surrealist, colourful and celestial style, Elizaveta Porodina is a Russian-born, trained psychologist whose photography hypnotises. Her work is shrouded in an other-worldly mysticism that has made Porodina’s eye a coveted prize for the most prominent fashion houses.

Fotografiska’s exhibition, “Un-Masked”, charts the numerous projects that Porodina has worked on. Focusing particularly on her work since 2020, when she conducted and co-ordinated a number of photoshoots across the world, all over zoom. Un/masked refers to her artistic aim; Porodina holds up a mirror to her subjects that is fragmented, scattered and dream-like.

Her compositions, often portraits of a single woman, are channelled through a prism of light. The reflections that bounce back capture liminal moments of the true self, the unmasked.

Runtime: Fr, 26.04.2024 until Su, 18.08.2024

Shirin Neshat – The Fury

Iranian artist Shirin Neshat offers a moving and intimate portrayal of life for women inside Iran. Throughout her career she has explored the value and treatment of women inside Islam, and Fotografiska’s exhibition focuses on the abuse and trauma suffered by political female prisoners in her home country.

“The Fury” combines a video installation with Black and white photography inscribed with poems by Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad. Her photos specifically draw attention to the experiences that become inscribed on the female body. She explores the marks, both physical and psychological, left behind on bodies that have experienced violence.

Neshat explores how trauma operates in both the past and the present with a short film that follows an Iranian woman who has fled to America. The piece exposes the haunting and pervasive force of the male gaze, focusing on how to live “normally” when memories of violence that creep into everyday life.

Runtime: Fr, 08.03.2024 until Su, 09.06.2024

Read more about the current program of the Fotografiska here.


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„Fotografie als Waffe“ lautete der Titel für eine Ausstellung, die KI und Fotografie auf den Prüfstand stellte. Immerhinee drei Tage konnte im @kunstraumkreuzberg über die Wirkung von deepfakes, historischer Fotografie, Dokumentation von Lebenssituationen und Werbefotografie gestaunt und diskutiert werden. Alle Künstler:innen benutzten dabei das digitale eingefangene Bild als zentrales Medium, welches analog zum Ausdruck der eigenen Identität wird. @artweaponphotography #artnow: The current exhibition at the @koeniggalerie showcases a wide variety of critical works and sculptures from artists like JOANA VASCONCELOS, JULIA BELIAEVA, ARMIN BOEHM amongst others. @mothersfinestofficial life concert @lidoberlin at the 28th of April 2024 #rock #funk #concert

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