VibeLab: Night School week is over – The recap

VibeLab: Night School week is over – The recap

Co-funded by Creative Europe, 15 young creatives will now continue their journey with a grant of €5,000 to support the execution of their sustainable nightlife events with the knowledge gained on social awareness, entrepreneurial insights, and environmental sustainability, which was all taught during the educational week.

Seeds were sown, and now we cannot wait to see what will flourish from them. In the next months you will get the chance to see what amazing things those people can do with their events and we are looking forward to staying on this journey with them as their mentors whenever they need us.


On our first day in Riga, we had the opportunity to hang out in the cultural space Kanepes, which is taken great care of by Kaspers and his team. Here, we had modules on social sustainability and awareness conducted by Yuliya Zakolyabina, Jurga Kupstyte and Katharin Ahrend.


From Riga, we moved to Brussels, and nowhere else but the iconic club Fuse, where  Steven Van Belle gave all participants his know-how on the economic part of the events and something very special. Followed by Esther Koshari, Peter Decuypere and Alessio Koliulis with their decs.

Photo: Raymond van Mil


On the fifth day of the week, our plans were disrupted by flooding in Germany, throwing our schedule into disarray. Trains were rescheduled, delayed, and eventually canceled. But we did not gave up, and after 19 hours of traveling, we arrived in Silandro. This challenge truly tested everyones resilience but strengthened the bonds that were formed. It really is true that unity is born from crisis situations. 🙂


In Silandro, a village in the realm of the Italian mountains, in a special venue, Basis Kasino, we continued to learn about sustainability and how to make our endeavour greener with great help of Ella Overkleeft, Katharina Wolf, Hanna Mauksch and Katrine Gregersen.

And of course, our trip could not end differently than with Sandisk’s being on fire and friendships being solidified B2B.

Photo: Raymond van Mil

We can’t thank everyone enough for making this experience possible. We were organizing an educational trip for others, but came back with so much new knowledge and inspiration ourselves. 

A special thank you to our 15 new amazing friends: Iona, Chrys, Emils, Esther, Miguel, Daniel, Jonna, Elise, Shadé, Davide, Kristians, Fleur, Tena, Alicja, and Morgan. Your passion and dedication made this journey unforgettable. We can’t wait to see the incredible projects that will emerge from it.

And last but not least, we would of course be nowhere without our specialists and the whole crew. Thank you all as well!

About the project

NightSchool is a collaboration between Vibelab, Belgian club institution FUSE, Latvian culture centre Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs, Italian based creative hub BASIS Vinschgau Venost alongside their in-house event KASINO Club, and Sweden-based cultural strategy and production agency Transversal Project

Header Image: Raymond van Mil
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