Charlie – Spacewoman, new EP by Wrong Era

As a revered live act and spearhead within the Italo-Proto scene, Charlie’s record is a testament to her unique and impactful sound design, which is on full display in her thunderous progressions. The rolling instrumental of ‘Spacewoman’ bursts open the release, setting an innovative tone and channelling a unique approach to synthesis and powerful percussion. 

In the synth-wave proto-anthem ‘Let go’ we hear Charlie’s striking, arcane vocals. Charlie’s vocals take the listener through a mantra to centre and elevate. Chicago house and Italo sensibilities drive the bassline forward with refreshing tonal changes. 

Evolving, intoxicating melodies

‘Dark Waver’ spills into the darker realms of Italo Disco. Twinkling, crushed melodics rise into an ominous, driving bassline, which sits beautifully under slick percussion and creamy, augmented synths. A grounding syncopated sub anchors the tantalizing high-energy arps. Charlie’s unique gift for crafting evolving, intoxicating melodies is masterfully shown throughout the record. 

The intriguing gloom of ‘In The Night’ envelops the EP, leaving us with a sense of mystery and anticipation. Swathes of luscious pads and stabs of a metallic proto-bassline guide us through this enigmatic atmosphere. Melodies evolve and unfold, adding to this enticing soundscape. The Berlin-born artist integrates her infectious rhythmic flair into another standout release, capturing the consistently mind-opening energy of her live sets and hooking us in with potent synth lines and vocals.

Track list:

1. Spacewoman
2. Let Go
3. Dark Waver
4. In the Night
5. Spacewoman (Instrumental)



Thur 04.07 Spacewoman + edit
Thur 01.08 Let Go + edit
Fri 06.09 EP release date

Radondo, Berlin 2024



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