BFW: Die Highlights Part 1-3

Berlin Fashion Week has reached the halfway point. As usual, you can find the highlights of the current Defilées here at a glance.



Tuesday, 6th February 2024  


With the „Heritage“ collection, Jale Richert and Michele Beil celebrated the 10th anniversary of their label Richert Beil – fittingly with flowers, cake, and nostalgic tunes like Roy Black’s „Ganz in Weiß“ (All in White). Read more

     “Our current collection celebrates a decade of creative work. We’ve revisited our signature pieces and reinterpreted the designs and patterns from our debut collection of 2015.“

Jale Richert and Michele Beil


Kristiana Bobkova often finds inspiration in nature. While she was guided by the mallow last season, her current collection is a tribute to autumn: „It describes the essence of fall, the season that stands for the harvest,“ explains the ukrainian native and winner of Berlin Contemporary.

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„I express my emotions through clothing, craftsmanship, and storytelling. Each of my designs is inevitably connected to me and my inner self,“ says Dennis Chuene. Here the Berlin Contemporary designer shares the inner conflict that he processes with his current collection. Read more

„I’m documenting emotions through apparel, craftsmanship and storytelling. Every piece of clothing is inevitably connected to me and my inner self.“

Dennis Chuene


Tuesday, 6th February 2024  


The show of the New York-based collective Anonymous Club, led by Shayne Oliver was part of the Intervention program like Gerrit Jacob and back2back. The Anonymous Club is the creative studio of the Shayne Oliver Group®. Read more


Irina Dzhus once again breaks down the boundaries between fashion and art with her Autumn/Winter 2024/25 collection. She transformed the runway at the NEWEST Showspace Press Café into her stage to tell her very personal story through her transformative designs. Irina Dzhus shares her story here. Read more


A diverse cast representing all women was particularly important for Malaika Raiss, winner of Berlin Contemporary. Thus, artists or PR agents also presented her collection. „A model must captivate me with her charisma as soon as she enters the room,“ explains Raiss. Read more

    „Berlin is my creative melting pot, where all the inspiration I gather along my travel is finally coming together. The city in all its beauty but also roughness is my favorite combination, you know – opposites attract.“  

Malaika Raiss 


Countless shops, showrooms, collectives, and designers open their doors during BFW as part of the B2C initiative Studio2Retail. Ateliers, pop-ups, stores, and other creative spaces not only offer visitors glimpses behind the scenes of the fashion industry, panel discussions, and collections but also special offers and events – by and with creative individuals. 

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Monday, 5th February 2024  


Just one day before his runway presentation, William Fan revealed that he would showcase his Ready-to-wear in the warming hall of the Olympic Stadium. A location that thematically perfectly underscores the main theme of his collection. The designer shares his thoughts for this season, his favorite materials, and where he prefers to cast models for his runway. Read more

„I am always searching for the greatest possible contrasts between individual collection themes to further develop our core silhouettes.“     

William Fan


Mario Keine, founder and designer of MARKE, presented his collection titled „Allezeit bei mir“ at Pressecafé in the NEWEST Showspace. The inspiration behind it was the notion that every moment is like a little talisman, forming a collection of silent memories over time. After closely examining his own handwriting last season, Keine now continues the cycle of reflection by paying homage to the people and moments that have influenced him through a visual tribute. Read more

„Throughout the past year and especially this season, I have witnessed how cooperation has become the norm. Despite international competition, there is a sense that significant issues such as inclusion and sustainability can only be addressed through collective efforts, mutual support, and solidarity.“  

Mario Keine, MARKE


Yolanda Zobel and Marcelo Alcaide presented their collection for their label back2back also as part of the new showcase format Intervention. The name back2back reflects the collaboration between the founders, who met during their time at Courrèges. Both aim for continuous experimentation to be seen as a symbol of freedom and liberation. The designs of the current collection are characterized by unusual shapes that are not constrained by fixed rules. Read more


Olivia Ballard’s highly sensitive and intimate exploration of the body and identity through fabrics, drapery, and manipulations has already garnered attention during the past Berlin Fashion Weeks. As a winner of Berlin Contemporary and with Fall/Winter 2024/25, the native New Yorker once again impressed, taking her guests on her unique fashion narrative. Read more  


Gerrit Jacob not only became the first designer within the new showcase format Intervention but also inaugurated the Berlin Fashion Week with his presentation. The event, conceived by the Berlin and Milan-based communication agency Reference Studios under the direction of Mumi Haiati, aims to seamlessly integrate national and international designers into the official calendar of BFW, thereby ushering in a new era of collaborative creativity. Read more    


Unique and excellent craftsmanship from Germany was once again the focus of „Der Berliner Salon“. The impressive rooms of the Kronprinzenpalais served as the exhibition platform for a total of 39 participants this season. Read more

05.02.2024 – 08.02.2024


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