BFW | Berlin Fashion Week SS25: HIGHLIGHTS 7 / 7

BFW | Berlin Fashion Week SS25: HIGHLIGHTS 7 / 7

Maximilian Gedra

Inspired by the fashion-forward spirit of Berlin, Maximilian Gedra’s progressive designs merge opulent textures with timeless forms to reflect the city’s unique aesthetic. The emerging designer pursues a higher mission with his fashion: creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. The Maximilian Gedra runway show took place at The Ballery.  Read more    

Backstage View from Maximilian Gedra

Picture:  Maximilian Gedra, Andrew Thomas. Backstage: Anasteisha Danger

Dawid Tomaszewski

The luxury brand Dawid Tomaszewski stands for attention to detail and high quality. The collection embodies the strength and femininity of today’s woman. The runway show took place on Wednesday evening at the Kulturforum.     

Maria Chany

Maria Chany presented expressive, powerful, and experimental looks this season at Berlin Fashion Week. Even now, the focus of her fashion is not solely on pure beauty, but on how each look conveys emotions, impressions, and a certain playfulness. The runway show took place at Manifesto at Potsdamer Platz. Read more 

Picture:  Maria Chany, Boris Marberg    

Marlon Ferry

Marlon Ferry celebrated his catwalk debut this season during BFW and showed designs that are extremely future-orientated: To create his avant-garde looks, he draws on a variety of techniques, including cutting-edge technologies such as virtual fashion, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. He combines all of these with streetwear influences and fuses them with couture-esque craftsmanship, creating a unique look. The runway show took place at NEST3. 

Marlon Ferry is a visionary emerging fashion designer whose creative spirit manifests through the seamless fusion of technological innovation and artisanal expertise. Drawing from a diverse array of techniques and leveraging fashions forefront technologies like virtual fashion, 3D printing, and AI, he conjures avant-garde creations that blend streetwear influences with the finesse of couture craftsmanship. His journey began with a bachelor’s in Fashion Design, followed by an enriching internship at Iris van Herpen’s esteemed atelier. 

His design approach is marked by a maximum digitalized workflow to ensure efficiency and minimize emissions throughout the whole design process. Specialized in working with 3D printing, he shapes his digital creations from recycled materials into extraordinary, wearable sculptures that create breathtaking silhouettes and blur the line between fashion and sculptural art. Delving into contemporary themes such as the relationship between humans and technology, these creations not only showcase his artistic prowess but also spark sociological dialogue.


The SEEK trade show, which has been bringing together renowned and influential figures of the international fashion industry and community for over a decade, once again welcomed numerous key buyers, emerging talents, and creative minds.

In these challenging times, the organizers of SEEK are focusing on the core values that make the Berlin fair unique and irreplaceable. It’s all about personal exchange, honest and constructive feedback, and progressive, solution-oriented, flexible implementation.

Picture: SEEK    

Metamorphosis – dialogues about change

Day 2 (3rd of Juli) of Metamorphosis Talks at Cupra garage in Berlin-Mitte, by Fashion Counsel Germany, Vogue Business and Ebay. photo Instagram

In collaboration with Vogue Business and eBay, Fashion Council Germany is introducing ‘METAMORPHOSIS – dialogues about change’ powered by eBay, a new talk series as a part of Berlin Fashion Week. The series will feature international and national experts in circular economy and the fashion industry, engaging in dialogue about the various facets and essential transformations needed in our industry.

Talk guests such as Julia Balladt, designer Milk of Lime, Vogue Business reporter Maliha Shoaib and Kirsty Keoghan, Global General Manager Fashion eBay, spoke about topics including the circular economy, human rights in relation to supply chains and AI in the fashion and textile industry. Read more

Picture: Metamorphosis, Finnegan Koichi Godenschweger 
Credit: Maximilian Gedra, Anasteisha Danger, Marc Cain, Clemens Porikys, NEXTGEN Pop Up, Maria Camila Ruiz Lora, Horror Vacui, SF1OG, Jeremy Möller, The Lissome, Denis Grigorev, Metamorphosis, Finnegan Koichi Godenschweger  



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