Artco @ Gallery Weekend 2024

As Gallery Weekend approaches in Berlin, the Artco gallery is cordially inviting you to the upcoming exhibition LAYERED NOTIONS.

The artists Laura Sachs and Udo Nöger will engage within the exhibition in a formal dialogue, exploring the interplay of surface, silence, complexity, simplicity, and meaning. Udo Nöger stretches layers of painted and cut up canvases on the frame, creating a special permeability and revealing a semi transparent, and fragile texture.

His paintings then evoke a sense of delicate tissue, bathed in hues of blue and light purple. This unique method results in paintings that capture light and energy, questioning our relationship within the layers of life itself. The shimmering forms are intended to show the luminescence of color (the spontaneous emission of radiation from an electronically excited species).

In his current works on paper, which were created in Florida in 2022-23, Nöger works with charcoal. The gestural style underlines Nöger’s urge to be spontaneous and honest.

Artco Presents: Laura Sachs

In contrast to Nöger, Laura Sachs complements her primed canvases with cold metals, warmer wood, fabric or fine studio dust. She creates multi-perspective objects that, despite their minimalist compositions and the heavy metal bands, evoke a sense of dynamism. The Berlin-based artist allows the processual elements – the washed-out application of paint or the porous paint structure – to shine through and thus forcing the viewer to engage with its nature.

We cordially invite you to our soft opening with Laura Sachs on Saturday from 15-19 h. Read more…

Layered Notions

26 April – 22 June 2024
Opening hours Gallery Weekend: Fr-Su, 11-20h
ARTCO Gallery Berlin, Frobenstraße 1, 10783 Berlin

Johanna-Maria Fritz wins 
World Press Photo & BNL Paribas Award

Congratulations to Johanna-Maria Fritz for being one of the 24 regional winners of the World Press Photo Award 2024. Her series Kakhovka Dam: Flood in a War Zone documents the aftermath of the extensive floods in the Kherson Region of the Ukraine. The Prize is underlining Fritz’ serious commitment to documenting Russian war crimes for newspapers such as Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Le Monde and others.

At the MIA Photo Fair in Milano Fritz was also awarded the BNL Paribas Award for the best work of the fair. Her long term documentary (2014-19) of circus performers in Muslim-majority countries took her to Palestine in 2016. The respective photos of Majed Kallub and his colleagues show individual artistic freedom in a Palestine that doesn’t exist anymore. Looking at the terrible news that are being broadcasted from Gaza in 2024, Fritz’ photos don’t just celebrate creativity, but also became historic documents.

In memory of Atusa Jafari

Only recently have we had the privilege of presenting the exceptionally talented artist Atusa Jafari. Shocked by her death at only 24 years we mourn the loss of not just a great artist, but of such a special yet humble person. Our condolences go out to her family and her many friends.

further exhibitions

Imraan Christian – !Noma / Rooted

Everard Read, Cape Town
04 Apr – 26 Apr 2024

Bruce Clarke – Vies d’après : des artistes face au génocide des Tutsis du Rwanda

Camp des Milles, Aix-en-Provence
15 Mar – 9 Jun 2024

Roger Ballen & Saidou Dicko – LES ENCHANTÉES2

Haunt, Berlin
13 Apr – 01 May 2024

Patrick Tagoe-Turkson – From Land to Sea and back

NGALA Gallery, Zurich
05 Apr – 28 Sep 2024

Francois du Plessis – about books and hidden stories

galerie probst, Berlin
15 Mar – 02 Jun 2024


Museum für moderne Kunst, Frankfurt
13 Apr – 29 Sep 2024


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