As we worked on the first issue, coming out next Friday, we continued to play this specific playlist up and down in a queue. Featuring our this months favorites: The Weekend, Jimmy Summerville and Goldfrapp, or the very accurate song Wir sind Daten by Chicken on Speed and many others. We’re proud and completely exhausted after this exciting months. Maybe some of the songs even give a hint on how we’ve felt doing this… Enjoy your Sunday, while listening to our #mixtape U-TOPIA and stay tuned for your reading next week! △

Posted by:B'SPOQUE magazine

B'SPOQUE, the aspirational avant-garde, vanity and zeitgeist magazine, was founded in 2016. Since March in 2019, the magazine is an independent publication, featuring a wide range of topics, such as artists and their works, design, politics, fashion and social matters.

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