Finally time for some #selfcare? The best way is listening to your inner voice, or the B’SPOQUE mixtape Zeitgeist of Love. No matter if you’re about to fall in love, over and done with it, or just not sure, what the future might bring, enjoy the curated feel good list! △

Posted by:B'SPOQUE magazine

B'SPOQE, the aspirational avant-garde, vanity and zeitgeist magazine, was founded in 2016 by Alexander Renaldy and Karl Jürgen Zeller. Since March in 2019, the magazine is an independent publication, featuring a wide range of topics, such as artists and their art, design, politics, fashion and social matters: "Our goal is to simply do something and leave our mark, to make the world a better place or change something, which is important in this time of political instability" - Alexandre Renaldy