“The Kosovo entered a deep economic crisis in 2015 — shortly afterwards a major wave of migration moved towards western Europe. Mainly a generation from rural areas, male and younger than 20, fled the country with hopes for a better future and searching for work, in order to support their families back home. In less than three months around 20,000 people had emigrated into various countries around Europe. Germany has been one of their primary destinations.”

— Pop Kultur festival 2019.

Our featured artist ANDRRA captured that feelings on migration in her music, time to give her a spot on!

For the Pop-Kultur festival in August 2019, ANDRRA has created a masterpiece around the effects of immigration. In many cases women with children remain behind and men find themselves—mostly illegally—in Western Europe, far from family and friends, foreign, excluded and lonely. Migration is a constant motive in her work and the inspiration origins from the stories of her own family members and lyrics from old traditional folk songs. ANDRRA, originally born in the Kosovo and grown up in Bavaria, travels between Berlin and Pristina nowadays. Our acoustically #DIGEST is her previous album PALINË, a beautiful, melancholic and deeply touching piece, worth to be considered critical art to the European system. Enjoy listening! △

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