It’s happening sooner than expected. Just this very second we received an email by the press department of Der Berliner Salon, with the unpleasant news that the concept will not longer be part of the Berlin Fashion Week. Founded in 2015 by Christian Arp (Vogue Germany) and Markus Kurz (Nowadays PR), the curated platform unfortunately will close it’s doors forever after the next group exhibition in June.

According to Kurz: „The cessation of the BERLINER SALON is the result of a realistic assessment to the market and its potential. From a professional point of view (…), the format cannot be further developed internationally on the basis of the existing Berlin trade fair data. With the new platform, we wanted to close the existing presentation gap for German designers in Berlin and allow buyers and the press a quick, easy and curated access to our design talents.„

Seem’s our B’SPOQUE editorial team had the right sense about the future of the Salon. After we mentioned the change of location and the summary of the event, already other insiders came to a similar prognosis. Why this decision is based on financial terms and not on strategical ones, is not fully clear as Der Berliner Salon managed to improve the recognition of Fashion Design made in Germany globally, within the network of the Condé Nast Group. The end of this particular event means another inedible gap in Berlins Fashion Week schedule and the loss of space for further international development, not to mention that smaller brands and designers are on their own, again. A last question remains: What will happen with the mentee program of the Fashion Council Germany (FCG), after the Salon disappears from the schedule?   △

Images © Der Berliner Salon | Fashion Council Germany

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