• Your new BFF!

    The well known BFF – no not your best friend forever, but the (Berufsverband für freie Fotografen e.V.) – turns 50 years this year and it’s time to celebrate that with four VISIT-worthy exhibitions.

Starting in their home town Stuttgart, following the route to Berlin and last but not least Hamburg. Must-see exhibitions for rainy days or the easy Sunday walk-ins. Featuring iconic images from Peter Lindbergh, rare shots of The Rolling Stones, images by F.C. Gundlach and many other unknown artists with timeless views.


The first group exhibition, starting in Stuttgart, displays a collection of BFF‘s most famous members, including images by Hans Hansen, Walter Schels, Thomas Hoepker, Andreas Feininger and many others. Containing more than 50 pieces of photography, this exhibition is definitely a piece of germanys history.

Dieter Blum “Low Clearance” 1992 © Dieter Blum

Your Signature – was bleibt (what remains)

The second BFF highlight is another exhibition featuring 100 well and lesser known members of the institution. Especially impressive is this collection of more than just photographs, but for sure some motives which might catch your eye. Almost an homage to the art of photography itself, this particular department presents images beyond time, age, economy or trends. Simply those, which remain a signature of the artists personality.

Thomas Billhardt

The last parts of the four birthday celebrations, are two single exhibitions for the photographers Volker Hinz and Thomas Billhardt. Both known as visual documentarists for the divided Germany until 1989, the BFF honors Billhardt and Hinz – during the official party on the 6th of June – with the admission to the BFF hall of fame. All exhibitions will travel from Stuttgart, over Berlin to Hamburg. For more information, see the dates below.

Thomas Billhardt “Rolling Stones in der Waldbühne” West-Berlin, 1965 © ThomasBillhardt CameraWork

Your DATE with the BFF:


From the 7th of June until September the 22th 2019, the collection will be shown at the Haus der Wirtschaft.


The exhibitions are located at the X-lane, Reichenberger Straße 154, starting from the 09th of August, until August the 18th 2019.


Last but not least, the series will visit the Elb metropole Hamburg and stay at the Oberhafen Quartier, wich opens its doors from the 14th of September 2019.