The Wall to Wall Club festival celebrates its genesis and brings together a weighty assembly of crews to curate an extended program of wide-ranging club sonics.

Over the course of 84 hours, all RSO premises host a stacked itinerary of multidisciplinary performance, educational panels and workshops, as well as a weekend of esoteric dancefloor immersion. Raster. Alphabet begin proceedings on Thursday, the 18th of August, presenting the latest installation of their bimonthly live audio-visual series. They appoint Raster’s Belief Defect to actualize a monolithic delusional zone on the SUMME floor – accompanied by a live performance from Raster platform founder Byetone and a DJ set from Baby Vulture.

Friday evening heralds the start of a marathon dance that transmutes the temporal fabric of reality into a fever dream of auditory indulgence. Myriad flavors and styles lie at the core of this weekend-long metamorphosis. Tilt and Multiply enlist the skills of artists such as Hotflush Recordings affiliates Glaskin, and UK duo The Ghost respectively, whilst Planet Pleasure calls upon a troupe of talent including On Loop’s Moxie and a b2b from Radiant Love’s Byron Yeates and Planet Euphorique’s D. Tiffany to further propel Friday’s hysteria.

AUGUST 18—22 2022

All three RSO floors serve as the context for the various crews to curate a chasmic voyage into distant realms. The trip continues to unfold as crews including Plasma, Gegen, and We Are Not Alone traverse across the middle portion of the weekend. Alongside many more, they welcome acts such as a b2b between Femme Bass Mafia’s Marie Midori and Dangermami, a live set from Rotterdam’s hardware oriented Aniministic Beliefs, Bloody Mary, and Jana Woodstock respectively to all leave their mark on and within the walls of RSO. Ellen Allien leads the intergalactic assault on the behalf of We Are Not Alone alongside reinforcement from EERSTE COMMUNIE’s Marrøn, Molekül’s JKS and many others.

Wall To Wall Festival @ RSO Berlin
Wall To Wall Festival @ RSO Berlin

XFORM and Self. Control. take over the final stretch of the session inviting the likes of Lea Occhi, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Identified Patient, and Privacy to conclude this expedition with a happy end.

Support Ukraine

The Ukrainian people are in need of help. Those who are still in Ukraine and those who have fled the country. This is why we have joined forces with our friends and partners to raise funds. In addition, donations will be collected at the box office. All guests on our guest list are requested to pay 5 EUR as a contribution. The raised funds will be split equally between Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.. Let us stand together, this madness must end!

Take Care of each other

We take the recent reports of people being forcibly drugged / spiked in clubs very seriously. For this reason, we have taken additional measures. Read more on our website here. There you will also find advice on the current topic of monkeypox and what you can do to prevent infection and further spread.

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