Wedding Issue(S) – Part I

Get in the vibe of a summer wedding and tie the knot your way or be the best dressed guest, with our latest #edit.

Dear Reader, I do… still believe in love and marriage. Even thou, the divorce rate has been almost 50 % to every new couple, which has tied the knot in the last ten years so far. But there’s hope, the rate in general has declined since 1965 and if your looking for inspiration, we collected the best of the best wedding photographs and wedding guest styles to get you in the vibe of a perfect summer wedding! Of course in our style, cause you deserve to it the way you like to say: “Yes I do!” So say yes and get carried away by the beautiful images of this couples and singles, ready to mingle or go trough the biggest day of their lives, in this love and marriage-inspired #edit.


Image by Orlova Maria
Image by Jenna Norman
Image by Frank Uyt den Bogaard
Image by Charles Loyer
Image by Petr Ovralov


Image by Tiko Giorgadze
Image by Christian Newman
Image by Th AH


Image by Pavel Nekoranec
Image by James Bold
Image By James Bold
Image by Pavel Nekoranec
Image by Duo Chen
Image by Tom Pumford


Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Kevin lee Um
Image by Sahin Yasilyaprak
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Hanan Souhail


Ishan Seefromthesky
Image by Mat Reding
Image by Christopher Burns
Image by Alvin Mahmudov
Image by Khaled Ghareeb
Image by Nyana Stoica
Image by Scott Webb


Image by Frank Uyt den Boogard
Image by Simona Todorova
Image by Sunny Ng
Image by Kinga Cichewicz


Image by Sunny Ng
Image by Aiony Haust
Image by Sunny Ng
Image by Mihai Stefan
Image by Discovering Film


Image by Miguel Angel Hernandez
Image by Sweetheart Luchuxue
Image by Anthony Tran
Image by Dio Ezar