The Nature Of Hope

Dear David, I love you more that economical, social or financial securities. The chase for you and me hoping and believing in Berlin.

A Week in Media: How The Terror Started…

Dear Berliners, Germans, Europeans, Freedom-Spirits, Refugees, Tricksters, Dreamers and Realists…I do believe in Berlin and David.

I dont know why exactly or how it happened, but just kissing my lover at the supermarket, has led to my dog going roque outside of the market. By a second look, he was gone. As a mirror had turned on me and I figured, that something was wrong at this moment. Have I been that cruel, to my own nature?

The hope, that it’s only a bad dream…

We took the car of the lover who made me forget my responsibility for a second, drove around but no sight of my stubborn, beloved terrier. I was bursting in tears internally, hence I was too loose with him and the social responsibility, that a woke dog brings into your life. He always has an ear for the social cause. He went forward four entire years for me.

All we need is love and should be infinite.

Shaken to the bone, I took the longest walks ever and searched, drove and went to all imaginable Places within Berlins South, the internet and some peoples mind, but I still couldn’t find my David, my one and only real precious. If the universe could created a caracter like him, he is the infinite, eternal hope for peace, love and diplomacy within the worlds zoo of the bad ‘isms.

Still looking for you, what about you?

I could never give up on love and walked behind you and followed the roads we walked when everything was fine and the world at least normal enough to give people freedom and liberty to enjoy life and nature and not consumerism

This is not about me. We deserve Peace.

But B’ was never about my personal life, or targeted specifically on dog content. However I feel sore and offended by the comments on parenting in situations like this. Socially, we had more to face up than socialism or communism in this capitalistic world, but I wondered, who stole a dog like David and doesn’t wants money for him? Someone, who is fair enough to understand the ancients of co-dependency, deserves to be loved.

No one is illegal.

I knew I could never give him as much food, love, or care as he deserves in the first place, but the situation where I didn’t saw my dog at home, awaiting me from work or the inflationairy grocery shopping, was an unfair move against the artists and everyone who does their parts for the greater good.

Ripping you up dad… Hercules calles you back.

Still, I never will be joking for the love you give me.

Seously, you’re a judging us?

Love can never be replaced and I seem to still count of his everlasting surival tatics, but I can’t tell you more bout his stubborness and resticance to the infinite, on the short walk with you in these differente sphere now, you little beloved and truted bastard of this entirely bathed city. You’re the green light in these nightmare of the apocaplyse we’re facing up. So keep on fighting for the dreams and butterflies and keep on continuing the story as a father and a mother with me. To keep on raising the awareness of all sorts of loving families, whithin the poetry of life…

The bitter truth of us being a charity case

I may not have shared much this year with others until I realized it was about time, but taking him out of this situation, feels unfair and cruel. I have bought a vintage fur coat from the 60’s once, but I could never imagine a horrible thing like a dognaping and the emotions of sorrow and fear about nature, human beeings and the balance of the heart, which prevents us from destroying everthing we love and value most dearly. Be grateful, for what you have got and share. Be polite, greet and don’t be greedy with the fooled ones, real love come from pain in the reality we’ve agreen on, from the stable realms of politics, howe we handle things together and still let each other live together without a dawrinistic approach.

The Intolleranza has to stop

And for the matter of saving someones live, a worn out fur coat ist the least to pay for that and give someone another chance to survive in a cold, unfair world. But hey, it’s still a white privilege, to care and take on the certainty that the responsibility of sharing, rather than trashing the unwanted und uneen commodities is the key to end this inlikebale war and slowly raise the awareness, as well as improve everyones life more socially and refined, economically stable.

People keep on calling you a prop, but you are real love for me

I haven’t been the best father/mother to you, but I always protected you and in this weak moment, I was seeing the apocalypse. David, please come home and let me make a dogs worth. The cruelty, the pain and the suffering of animals and humans has to stop. You always give me a sense of meaning and your rhythm.

Cruelty Free Love

He always shows some sense of humor, when it comes to jokes on this coat, but I didn’t knew, that this one was on me. I took his blanket into my bed, wore the jeans on which he had been sleeping the night before, left marks. Riding around the city on a community owned bike, I had pushed the boundaries of a really bad dream. In the next day round, talking to every stranger and dog owner, who seemed to care, asking for help. Therapy in a common way for Berlin and a new experience of public relations.

The Artistic Challenge of the Find HIM!

I drove around like crazy, raising the awareness of being to loose with responsibilities and were searching for my most beloved and probably most patient member in the club. I wonder, why was it really me, sharing all emotions and everything material with him and almost got killed in this Opera of communistic Terror and social latter climbing? I’ve been putting out hair, his teddy, food and other things that could bring him back and hoped, every time I walked around.

He has papers, I have some too…

But again, was it actually legal, to just take city property from their Agents? Or was he really the devil and just out on a stroll at the channel? I stood up, walked, asked around for help and hope. He just went for a party weekend, extended version, but no abolsutisms in this world, can stop me from keep on believing in love.

After searching every park, ground and other places which may be good to hide with an actor like David, I wondered around and felt devastated. How could I lose my dog in front of the Arbeitsamt and pay five euros for the bread, but not treating him the way he deserves to be treated? Was it too much, to just study and make a dogs worth?

The healing is to value everyone, who commonly shares and does a part for society

I borrowed the bike of the lover boy, drove in the high speed dove power of david through the city and searched all the parks, hills, mountains, ask dog owners, homless, refuges and all the other lost and found souls of our big and beloved city, before I left the grounds, went home and tried to rest. But I’ve learned, money cannot solve the problems David and I faced over the last three years, or while I was looking for him. The terror which I’ve been causing by trusting the economy has made me blind for my real responsibilities.

The war is in their heads…can only end with peace

I even left marks for him to find me while he was walking around on a little stroll through the city during the east-west reunification over the weekend. I saw the world dissappearing for a moment. A world that I have known for years, until they have revealed. But the thing about David is, he’s clever and political, and loves socializing.

The emotional help through other seekers

I searched all the ways through Tempelhof, Schöneberg, Kreuzberg, searched for him and the places which may could give a possible shelter, to the part of the society, that has no home nor a religion, but faith in this life. We got help from the Saving Souls e.V. and kept eyes, ears und noses open.

However he never stoped being more creative than I am. And so I keep on sending all my heart to him, hoping he leads back to me in this chains of society. I swear, it’s a mothers, fathers, sister, brothers world.

The Ethik of everyones common responsibility

Is there a right life in a wrong one, or is it the right one, in a humans, clear default. Certainly it is never a default, to love some one as much as I do in this case a for my emotional support dog. He deserves peace, love and this german unity, more than every gold and silver in there world.

But, Bring him home. He’s loved, cared about and the biggest heart breaker in my life. I love him and he love me back, unconditionally. That’y only condition to a better world. End the mind wars for a lucky second. I have faith in humanity, after all. I can’t live without you and still believe in your riot! #DayI #DayII #DayIII #DayIV #DayV #DayVI #DayVII #DayVIII #DayIX #DayX #DayXI