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  • F.O.M.O.M.


    My personal perfectionism has led me to more than questionable decisions, accompanied by countless night shifts, writing, rephrasing and lay outing my own words. Until I realized, those where not my words.

  • Why you should(n’t) get a dog in your twenties

    Why you should(n’t) get a dog in your twenties

    A big dog was my childhood dream, which became at least partly real in November last year. I was constantly stressed and angry about human behavior and decided that I needed a break from them, to realize what I really need. David wasn’t necessarily on the wishlist for the exact moment and it took a […]

  • Signature Style

    Signature Style

    Dear Reader, It’s time to talk about serious fashion faux pas. How to dress is mostly where it starts, that people feel forced to buy new clothes, according to seasonal trends or the lack of quality to it. Especially fashion magazines are supposed to compel their readers, or follower on social medias, to buy more…