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The Roof Is On Fire

Dear Reader, who doesn’t like a refined festival or the right tracks to the beat? Last Friday night I found myself stumbling into a magical island of music, theatre, poetry and avant-garde, an enchanted castle full of secret doors to other worlds and probably where all time travelers met for a song or two. I’m talking about the Pop-Kultur festival at the Kulturbrauerei, but first things first… 

20. Orion Dahling & Company (c) Bea Rodriguez

Into The Woods

Christopher Adams-Cohen, 27 years old writer and actor, recently showcased his second play „Hecate House“ at the Delphi Thaetre in Berlin. A piece full of personal layers and rich of german and jewish history. 

Behind The Curtain

With model and actress Sarah Wessendorf, born in 1990. Her latest movie „CPH“ by Israeli director Eitan Sarid, captures the life after the war: an Israeli soldier lost in his own Trauma and the nightlife of Copenhagen — she portrays his danish wife. We talked about ways of facing the own trauma and a possible future.




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