RSO Berlin – New Format: REFLEXION

New season, new format: reflexion is a possibility to seek distraction as well as support within the community besides good music. Starting on the 8th April.

RSO now start to turn the page on XFORM with two final episodes taking place this upcoming weekend and the next. As what initially started in March 2022 as an in-house club night series, Transform or as most people know the recurring weekly night, XFORM, kicked off RSO’s over-arching theme for it’s first season. The changes the club and its‘ people went through became quickly the motto of the first year of the club’s existence.

New season: RFLXN

After an exceptional year with the just well established club night, XFORM is coming to an end and we now defy the norm with turning everything over again to dedicate ourselves to new topics and questions with a new season Today, to our core community, we now proudly introduce the next phase — REFLEXION. This second season of RSO.Berlin begins on April 8th as our club night series, which we’ve named RFLXN, and will commence with a collab with IMF.


The Ukrainian people are in need of help. Those who are still in Ukraine and those who have fled the country. This is why we have joined forces with our friends and partners to raise funds. In addition, donations will be collected at the box office. All guests on our guest list are requested to pay 5 EUR as a contribution. The raised funds will be split equally between Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.. Let us stand together, this madness must end!


We take the recent reports of people being forcibly drugged / spiked in clubs very seriously. For this reason, we have taken additional measures. Read more on our website here. There you will also find advice on the current topic of monkeypox and what you can do to prevent infection and further spread.


Schnellerstraße 137, 12439 Berlin Schöneweide

• 5 min walk from Schöneweide station
• 4 stops from Ostkreuz and 3 stops from Neukölln with S-Bahn
• 18 minutes by Bus 165 from Schlesisches Tor

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  1. […] Self-reflection is the process of examining and evaluating one’s own thoughts, actions, and behaviors in order to gain a better understanding of oneself. It involves taking a step back from our everyday experiences and examining them with a critical eye, in order to gain insight and improve our personal growth. It is a powerful tool for personal growth and development, as it allows us to become more aware of our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to make positive changes in our lives. On April 8th, we begin to make this introspective voyage with the beginning of our next phase, REFLEXION. […]

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