#DAMUR Huang – Taipeh Fashion Revolution

Inorder to challenge the boundary of fabrics and to upcycle the definition to fashion, Damur has made secondhanded clothes with animal prints stimulated by unique patchworks. The SS22 collection, #kiosk 2.0 – Animal Fever, will be creatively presented by 36 celebrities, models from EeLin Entertainment and Taipei Metro models. On October 10th, the most authentic and original fashion of Taipei was performed on the metro and at Ximen, Songshan, Nanjing Fuxing and Zhongxiao Fuxing metro stations. #UpcycleOurLife footprints

“It is not a fashion show. It is my fashion journey back to Taipei.”

Damur Huang

After a 21-hour flight and a 22-day quarantine, Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang, the founder and the designer of the high-end streetwear label #DAMUR, took-off from Berlin and has brought the brand to the stage of Taipei Fashion Week for the fourth time. Aside from the extraordinary crossover collection with the artist Tung-Lung Wu, presented on SS22 Taipei Fashion Week Opening Show – CrossLab: Dialogue between Art and Fashion, #DAMUR, once again, broke the concept of a classic runway and had planned the show with Taipei Metro on the National Day of Taiwan.

Sustainable methods of technical developments?

The SS22 #kiosk 2.0 collection precisely visualised the continuous uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the climate change. “Although the world is still unsettled, we have never forgotten to persist in our work in sustainable fashion,” Damur states. Moreover, Damur has also been pursuing more possibilities to produce artificial leather by using textile with Boyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. “Upcycled fabric production has obtained more stylish designs, greater prospects for the future, and more sustainable methods of conducting technical developments.” the label states as part of their strategy on matters, such as sustainability and production.

Tickets, please.

In June 2020, #DAMUR started #kiosk project and showcased in Berlin Fashion Week and Taipei Fashion Week. The show began with a flashmob at Ximen metro station. 36 celebrities and Eelin models and the designer Damur were wearing newly launched #DAMUR x CSD glow-in-the-dark masks, #DAMUR x Royal Elastics TPEFW edition canvas sneakers and #DAMUR x Yuma ⋅ Taru Atayal accessory designs. During the showcase, a regular day of commuting in Taipei was been transformed into a glorious fashion runway for every passenger.

“From Taipei, I went to Berlin, then to Copenhagen and Paris before coming back to Berlin. Now I return to Taipei. “What is fashion? What is a trend?” I ask myself today in this post-pandemic era. {…} I believe that upcycled fashion is not just a slogan of sustainability, but a leading lifestyle.”

Damur Huang

The models went to take the metro with the public and tranformed Songshan metro station their own “upcycled runway”. Damur wanted to surprise the audience and has added more spice to the post-pandemic life through fashion and upcycling in a Taipei-ish way. The two main colour themes in #kiosk 2.0 collection, the complementary monochrome and the combination of upcycled blue denim and purple viscose, decorated with vibrant animal prints and upcycled leather had left their mark on this post-pandemic event.

Upcycle and recreate

The zebra and leopard prints are made by redesigning classic pieces with deconstructed secondhanded clothes and upcycled deadstock fabrics. For the silhouette, bold Berliner cut-outs and catchy topped underwear are the response to the oppressive life in a busy city. Furthermore the labels quoted the vision: “Although the scene is familiar, the audience still cannot predict how the show will go, just like how we are learning to live with the uncertainty in our lives today.”

As Damur said, “In such a puzzling era, all we have to do is to upcycle and recreate. Surrounded by thousands of unpredictable incidents, we will eventually find our way to cope with this turmoil, in spite of the ambiguity.” Walking down the escalator, we arrived at the plaza in front of SOGO Fuxing Store, and then, enjoyed the Perfume Cocktail of #DAMUR x The Arcadia Bistro in the middle of the hustles. “This is how we upcycle the unpleasant situation shadowing us currently. The whole world is drowning deeper and deeper in the unknown day by day. However, we are still able to draft an exciting blueprint of our own future with our creativity; we can still decide what to wear and how to embrace the next ray of sun.”

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