B Edited N° III

Call me german trash, dressed to kill and with a message: climate change, social gap and the rising far rights! Can we stop this war in the minds of the others?

Egg Shaped Cape & Pencil Skirt: D2 Line, Turtleneck: Raf Simons x Fred Perry, Reading Glasses: Barton Perreira, Bag Chain: Julia Skergeth, Lace Tights: Hedoine, Boots: Dr. Martens & Accessoires: private

Images by

TheTornSeemless Studio


Francis-Geraldine de Burée

Hair and Make Up:

Rafa Delgado

Blazer & Plissée Dress: Joseph, Bell Pants: Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, Shoes: Navy Boot, Accessoires: private

Leather Coat: Joseph, Bra: Closely, Accessories: Gucci, private

Lambskincoat: Joseph, Corsett: private, Tartan Wool Pants: Fred Perry, Bage Chain: Julia Skergeth, Accessories: private,

Velvet Bell Pants and Jacket: Joseph, Bra: Closely, Reading Glasses: Barton Perreira, Boots: vintage, Accesories: Gucci, private

BTW, den Suit hätte ich ja gern für das Office behalten…

The Lovely Trashbag Dress: private

Editorial Letter: German Trash – elitär sind nur die da oben

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