Edmund de Waal and Unseen Pieces

The Feuerle Collection proudly presents the Silk Room featuring Works of Edmund de Waal. An exhibition which captures both contemporary art and masterpieces.


The Feuerle Collection:

Edmund de Waal and Pieces from archive of The Feuerle Collection

The Feuerle Collection announces the first temporary exhibition at the Silk Room, with the title Edmund de Waal and Unseen Pieces from The Feuerle Collection. The first Silk Room exhibition will focus on a selection of recent works by British artist and author Edmund de Waal juxtaposed with unseen pieces from the collection. This 400 sqm space dedicated to temporary shows is in the upper ground floor of the former telecommunications bunker renovated by John Pawson, opened in 2016.

The Dialog between contemporary and classical arts

Since the late 1980s, Désiré Feuerle has been working as a pioneer in juxtapositions, dedicated to the dialogue between contemporary art and ancient pieces from different cultures, presented from a contemporary perspective. His curatorial work breaks with the traditional way of showing art and takes barriers away between cultures and times, creating new, very precise systems of nexuses between art pieces, to be experienced by the viewer through the senses.

Silk Room and Permanent Exhibition

The collaboration was developed by Studio Edmund de Waal and Galerie Max Hetzler. For public visitors the Silk Room exhibition will be accessible from September 17, 2022 until April 9, 2023, by booking a regular ticket. The permanent exhibition will still be visitable in parallel. All exhibition are curated by its founder, the collector Désiré Feuerle.

„The idea behind this exhibition is to juxtapose the poetic content of Edmund de Waal’s work and the timeless character of extraordinary Asian achievements from the 6th and 16th century. De Waal is a contemporary artist, but his soul I see in Rembrandt, in the beauty of Italian Renaissance painters, and in historic philosophy. De Waal is a story teller, who transports you to dark grounds, but also into the beauty of light. For that reason, de Waal’s waves can be found both in ancient Asian art, and in the great achievements of European masters of Wunderkammern, as if these were seen through the eye of a Morandi. De Waal creates magic imaginary boxes which contain beauty in the eyes of the spectator. Most people would see him linked to porcelain, but I think his creations using porcelain go much further and beyond the feeling porcelain creates in our eyes“.

Désiré Feuerle


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Désiré Feuerle im Portrait


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