Day One

The reality of a freelancer is often, that there are days where nothing works, or at least that’s in my life often the case. No matter how hard you work and try to fix things, there are just some, you simply can’t fix. For me it was this special relationship with my former company and their design language, besides many other language barriers. This magazine, b’spoque, is something I’ve been working on for ages. Now, that I did the step and just got into it, everything crashed and made me wonder, if I’m ready and the right person for that?

After the crash

Yesterday, I finally shot down the whole existing website, including all articles and the whole archive. But as often life, this clean slate was crucial for b’spoque’s new chapter. Same as the car accident was to me, when I first stood at this very certain point of publishing something absolutely new. Still today, I can hear the terrible sounds of the windows cracking, as echo in my clicking bones. See, the almost pathetic flight of my grocery bag, losing my shit all over the street. Thou, day one after the final bridge burned down, I feel relieved. Not because I got rid of a memory, or how I felt during this time or that I lost all responsibilities through this accident. It is the fact and my duty now, to find my personal voice, in every topic I feature myself. But also the deep voice in me, that tells me people wanna read and see, what all of us do.

The first Editorial we’ve realized for this very real moment, deals with exact this feelings in a very artistic way. On set was a sexy attitude, drugs and a hint of drama, perfectly matching the story of an unusual breakup, slightly differently told. It was hard to believe, but we did manage to create a moment of letting go the past and the “what-if’s?”, to embrace a soothing bigger – a vision. „Blindspots“ is a kind of „day one“, the point of no return, the very second you realize, it’s either forward or nothing. △